Empiria Group prepared webinars on important topics discussing new, emerging technologies or disruptive approaches that are shaping and changing the payment acceptance industry. All these serve as supportive materials to themes which are further discussed at “Merchant Payments Ecosystem“ conferences.

Are you sure your NFC mPOS strategy is adequate?

The payment ecosystem worldwide is struggling to cut through the mPOS hype. Major market observers predicted a bright future for the mPOS market. Will mPOS proliferate in face of hurdles it is currently facing?

Key Ingredients to a Succesful mPOS Solutions in 2014

At this webinar you will learn that business models of mPOS providers are quickly changing and if you want to stay profitable in this business you need to understand the key ingredients to a successful mPOS solutions

mPOS Adoption & Implementation in Asia, Europe and the US

This webinar is a part of series of supportive initiatives to the MPE conference, outlining the importance of this topic for merchants and their payment providers in 2013

mPOS Opportunities & Challenges

Approximately 75% of the estimated 1.2 million mPOS solutions were shipped to MasterCard merchants globally, throughout 2010 and2011, went to merchants who did not previously accept payment card transactions