MPE 2017 floorplan

The floorplan is just for illustrational purposes.

MPE 2017 floorplan


We offer a full range of custom merchandising opportunities to raise your brand profile and get your message to market.

Branding opportunities:

  • Speaking (i.e.keynote, discussions, roundtables, Mini Stage in exhibition hall etc.)
  • Signage/Branding (i.e. banners, USB wristbands, digital signage, brochure sponsor, etc.)

Exhibition zone:

  • Interactive Technology (i.e. charging station, mobile app, WiFi, Twitter wall, etc.)
  • Special Event (i.e. networking reception, exhibit hall reception, co-located sessions, etc.)
  • Attendee Activity (i.e. smoothie bar, coffee house, food truck, lounges, arcade, give-away, etc.)
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