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mPOS World 2014 summary

Brief information

The mPOS World 2014 was again an exciting event, attracting major companies forming the mPOS acceptance value chain. Said in numbers, we have seen 2-day conference with 251 participants, 38 speakers and 21 sponsors & exhibitors.

Event in numbers
  • Attendees: 251
  • Speakers: 38
  • Sponsors & Exhibirors: 21


Following the success of the first edition of the “mPOS World” conference in 2013, its second edition took a place in June 2014 in Frankfurt.

The mPOS World 2014 was again an exciting event, attracting major companies forming the mPOS acceptance value chain. Said in numbers, we have seen 2-day conference with 251 participants, 38 speakers and 21 sponsors & exhibitors.

mPOS providers, acquirers, PSPs, MNOs, retailers, app developers, POS HW and SW providers, loyalty & security providers and cards schemes were discussing what mPOS actually is, its key challenges, business models and its impact on both micro-merchants and large retailers.

Amongst a variety of valuable outcomes and definitions from mPOS World 2014, there has been clarity on the issue of who is driving the payment space – the consumer.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt for the mPOS World 2015!

The team of Empiria.

Chairmen summaries

Remarks on Conference Day 1 afternoon by William Delylle, Executive Director, EY Greenwich Advisory Services

William is an Executive Director in EY’s Advisory Services Practice, specialising in Telecoms, Media and Mobile Financial Services. Prior to joining EY, he worked as a Partner at Greenwich Consulting, business unit director for Net2S in Paris and New York, and as a business development manager for SD Partners in London. William has a MSc. degree in Telecommunications from University College London and obtained a Telecom engineering degree from Telecom SudParis in France.


„We had some very interesting debates and thought-provoking Q&A around merchant innovation, lessons learned from mPOS launches, as well as regulation and compliance. I would like to share some of the key take-away messages from our session:

  • The market forecasts are ambitious with predictions aimed at doubling the number of POS in the world, i.e. ~40m mPOS, by 2018-2020, the bulk of it for the SMB (Small Medium Business) segment. In Brazil, one player has distributed mPOS to 200,000 merchants in the last 12 months
  • The mPOS environment is changing as open APIs to address many verticals, shared risk business models, and cloud solutions evolve
  • Clear value propositions are emerging and position the mPOS provider ‘as a business partner for growth’, ‘helping merchants solving business issues’. It validates the need for mPOS providers to build a stronger knowledge of their target merchants’ business needs
  • Scale and brand success are complex to achieve. It requires finding the right provider/ partner and entering the market as a strong alternative for SMBs (including on pricing). In addition, gathering a deep understanding of risks is required to grow quickly, as well as planning for significant spend to address marketing and self-education challenges

I would like to thank the mPOS World team for their great organization and I look forward to continuing these discussions in the near future at EY with all participants."

William Delylle
Chairman of the first conference day afternoon

Remarks on Conference Day 1 & Day 2 by Gary Munro, Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Gary is a Principal Consultant, who joined Consult Hyperion from Gemalto where he led their Point of Sale (POS) Division in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, prior to and during its acquisition by VeriFone. He has over 25 years experience in electronic payments, with over 11 years experience of tailoring point of sale solutions to meet the specific requirements of the larger UK Acquirers, including Worldpay and HSBC Merchant Services. Since joining Consult Hyperion, Gary has led Consult Hyperion’s Mobile POS (mPOS) activities, advising retail banks and start‐ups on the hardware and software solutions that best meet their commercial and functional requirements. In parallel he has helped Payment Schemes to define their functional and security requirements for mPOS devices and services, authored EMV contact and contactless card and terminal specifications for major payment schemes and helped the Mobile Network Operators with their payment focused TSM services.

Summary of Day 1 morning sessions

„I like to thank all of our speakers and panelists this morning for their valued contribution and insight into the world of mobile POS. Throughout this morning’s sessions there have been some key messages coming through from our speakers. The mPOS market is growing at a considerable rate, with new platform and white label solution providers emerging. The number of retailers planning to adopt mPOS solutions would indicate that there is a healthy future for mPOS. Another point of note is that contrary to popular assumptions, the average transaction value being seen on mPOS is equivalent to that of traditional POS, so mPOS must been an important avenue for revenue capture and care needs to be taken into its implementation.

We have also learned that Mobile devices change behavior, of both the end customer and the merchant. Implemented properly mPOS solutions can help capture impulse buys, and improve customer conversion rates. Merchants need to think about how they are going to use mPOS, it is not just a replacement for their desktop POS, it can empower their staff to lead a better customer experience. Merchants need to consider mPOS as managing the store, not just the payment transaction. With a wealth of additional, value add features available, Merchants can use mPOS to add to the shopping experience.

These learning’s were reaffirmed In our panel discussions where we focused on the barriers to mPOS adoption and how to overcome these barriers. The key to success is to remember that customers shop, payment is a small part of that experience. mPOS solutions need to focus on the overall experience and simplify it, whilst ensuring that the merchants brand and values are met and enhanced.

We also learned that the routes to market for mPOS can be quite diverse with potential competitors becoming partners. Combing expertise, allowing differentiation and enabling creative go to market strategies.“

Summary of Day 2 stream B

„In this morning’s session we set out to explore the impact mPOS has on traditional payments, POS and card acquiring, and looked at re-inventing customer experience and interaction. So what did we discover?

Mobile payment can open up new payment experiences, simplifying the shopping experience for both the customer and the merchant. It can open up new revenue potential when it is used to revolutionise the point of sale. The opportunity for mobile payments to simplify the payments experience applies not only to large retailers, but to small and micro merchants too, bringing added benefits as well as card acceptance capability. Where the consumer is also using a mobile wallet directly with the mPOS, the merchants benefit from a more direct relationship and better interaction with their customers.

By looking at the customer and merchant interaction, merchant’s staff emerges from behind the cash desk to become ambassadors for the brand, creating a more personal shopping experience, leading to reduced walkaways, increased revenue and repeat customers. Fashion Flash showed how mobile POS enabled them to create a completely new shopping concept, with pop up shops.

What we have seen is that mPOS is not just a means of taking payments, but it can add much more value to the merchant. The use cases are diverse as are the value add features required across the merchant base, be they micro or large corporate. The ability of the mobile app to tailor to the merchant needs is key to improving the customer experience.“

Summary of Day 2 common session

„Thanks to our excellent speakers and panelists over the past 2 days, we have seen that there is incredible scope for opportunities with mPOS at all ends of the merchant spectrum from micro to large retailer. However this needs to be done properly. There is not a one size fits all, and mPOS solutions can and do fail.

To ensure success, we need to focus on a smooth interaction between the customer and the merchant. At all times we must remember that technology is just an enabler, it is not the solution. The solution has to be customer focused, to deliver the optimum experience whilst delivering the merchants brand and brand values.

We also saw that mobile presents opportunities in the rest of the world, in particular India. Where mobile payment does not necessarily mean card payment, or card acceptance. For mobile to succeed it must understand the problems, be aware of the challenges and issues and solve the problems in a cost effective way.

Routes to market are not always obvious, sometimes an organization which may at first seem to be a competitor may be the ideal partner to unlock new markets.

Overall we have leared that all merchants, large and small have complex needs too. Merchants benefit from the direct consumer relationship that mPOS brings. By providing the optimum solution mPOS can enhance the relationship between the customer and the merchant for the benefit of both.

Thank you.“

Gary Munro
Chairman of the first & the second conference day

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