MPE 2020 > SAVE THE DATE > 18-20 Feb 2020

MPE 2018 Speakers

David Birch,Director of Innovation,Consult Hyperion

David Birch

Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion

Geoffrey Barraclough,Head of Proposition,EVO Payments International

Geoffrey Barraclough

Head of Proposition, EVO Payments International

Ghela Boskovich,Head of Fintech & Regtech Partnerships,Startupbootcamp FinTech

Ghela Boskovich

Head of Fintech & Regtech Partnerships, Startupbootcamp FinTech

Gijsbert van der Poel,Head of Card Acquiring,Raiffeisen Bank International

Gijsbert van der Poel

Head of Card Acquiring, Raiffeisen Bank International

Mélisande Mual,Managing Director, Publisher,The Paypers

Mélisande Mual

Managing Director, Publisher, The Paypers

Neira Jones,FBCS, MSc, Advisory Board,Emerging Payments Association

Neira Jones

FBCS, MSc, Advisory Board, Emerging Payments Association

Adam Bowman,Director, Partner Sales,Trustly

Adam Bowman

Director, Partner Sales, Trustly

Adrian Gregory Lui,Strategic Partner Manager,Google

Adrian Gregory Lui

Strategic Partner Manager, Google

Akif Khan,Head of PointsPay,Loylogic

Akif Khan

Head of PointsPay, Loylogic

Amy Parsons,SVP, Global Acceptance and CX,Discover Global Network

Amy Parsons

SVP, Global Acceptance and CX, Discover Global Network

Andrea Boetti,Vice President of Global Business Development,Fortumo

Andrea Boetti

Vice President of Global Business Development, Fortumo

Andrea Dunlop,CEO Acquiring & Card Solutions,Paysafe Group

Andrea Dunlop

CEO Acquiring & Card Solutions, Paysafe Group

Andreas Melan,Head of IKEA Group Payments,IKEA Group

Andreas Melan

Head of IKEA Group Payments, IKEA Group

Andrey Makarov,Director Financial Services Marketing Department,MTS Group

Andrey Makarov

Director Financial Services Marketing Department, MTS Group

Andy Chen,CEO,Weorder

Andy Chen

CEO, Weorder

Ashok Misra,Business Program Manager,Microsoft

Ashok Misra

Business Program Manager, Microsoft

Axel Schaefer,Advisor - Payments,IKEA Group

Axel Schaefer

Advisor - Payments, IKEA Group

Axelle Sznajer,Partner, Head of FinTech Europe,Egon Zehnder

Axelle Sznajer

Partner, Head of FinTech Europe, Egon Zehnder

Bart Willems,Director, EMEA Region,Discover Global Network

Bart Willems

Director, EMEA Region, Discover Global Network

Camile Laupman,Partner,PaymentGenes

Camile Laupman

Partner, PaymentGenes

Carolyn Sweeney,Director of Business Development,The Chargeback Company

Carolyn Sweeney

Director of Business Development, The Chargeback Company

Catherine McCabe,CEO,Proximity Insight

Catherine McCabe

CEO, Proximity Insight

Christer Holloman,CEO and Co-founder,Divido

Christer Holloman

CEO and Co-founder, Divido

Christian Chmiel,CEO,Web Shield

Christian Chmiel

CEO, Web Shield

Christoph Hering,Co-Founder & CEO,Payger

Christoph Hering

Co-Founder & CEO, Payger

Christophe Bourbier,Chairman & Co-founder,Limonetik

Christophe Bourbier

Chairman & Co-founder, Limonetik

Craig Borrett,Product Director,3C Payment

Craig Borrett

Product Director, 3C Payment

Dag-Inge Flatraaker,Chairman of the Mobile Channel Working Group & member of the Executive Board,European Payments Council

Dag-Inge Flatraaker

Chairman of the Mobile Channel Working Group & member of the Executive Board, European Payments Council

Dagmara Kowatzky,Vice President Business Development Europe,Mastercard Payment Gateway Services

Dagmara Kowatzky

Vice President Business Development Europe, Mastercard Payment Gateway Services

Daniel Nicolescu,Managing Partner & Co-Founder,SymphoPay

Daniel Nicolescu

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, SymphoPay

David Parker,CEO,Polymath Consulting

David Parker

CEO, Polymath Consulting

Dean Wallace,Solution Practice Lead, Immediate Payments,ACI Worldwide

Dean Wallace

Solution Practice Lead, Immediate Payments, ACI Worldwide

Diderik Schonheyder,Managing Director,Schonheyder & Associates

Diderik Schonheyder

Managing Director, Schonheyder & Associates

Dimitri Gugunava,VP Banking & Acquiring,SumUp

Dimitri Gugunava

VP Banking & Acquiring, SumUp

Dirk Mayer,Senior Consultant Fraud Prevention,Risk.Ident

Dirk Mayer

Senior Consultant Fraud Prevention, Risk.Ident

Don Ginsel,Founder & CEO,Holland Fintech

Don Ginsel

Founder & CEO, Holland Fintech

Edward Strycharczuk,General Manager,Evo Payments International Czech Republic

Edward Strycharczuk

General Manager, Evo Payments International Czech Republic

Eliad Saporta,Managing Director,Coriunder

Eliad Saporta

Managing Director, Coriunder

Ergi	Sener,CEO,Bonbon Technology

Ergi Sener

CEO, Bonbon Technology

Eric de Putter,Managing Partner,Payment Redesign Limited

Eric de Putter

Managing Partner, Payment Redesign Limited

Etienne Martin,Product Manager,Lyst

Etienne Martin

Product Manager, Lyst

Fabian Mansfeld,Senior Director,Sixt SE

Fabian Mansfeld

Senior Director, Sixt SE

Faheem Bakshi,Head of Payments,Kinguin

Faheem Bakshi

Head of Payments, Kinguin

Felix Huber,Head of Northern Europe,Stripe

Felix Huber

Head of Northern Europe, Stripe

Felix Koehler,Business Development Manager,Google

Felix Koehler

Business Development Manager, Google

Gary Munro,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Gary Munro

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Gijs op de Weegh,COO,Payvision

Gijs op de Weegh

COO, Payvision

Gustavo Ruiz Moya,Chief Executive Officer,SafetyPay

Gustavo Ruiz Moya

Chief Executive Officer, SafetyPay

Iddo De Jong,Senior Expert,European Central Bank

Iddo De Jong

Senior Expert, European Central Bank

Ivan Glazachev,CEO,Yandex.Money

Ivan Glazachev

CEO, Yandex.Money

Jacob von Ingelheim,Chief Risk Officer,BillPay

Jacob von Ingelheim

Chief Risk Officer, BillPay

James Butland,Head of Payments EU,Airwallex

James Butland

Head of Payments EU, Airwallex

James O'Toole,Co-Founder & CEO,ID-Pal

James O'Toole

Co-Founder & CEO, ID-Pal

Jan Lettow,Senior Manager,EY Innovalue

Jan Lettow

Senior Manager, EY Innovalue

Janusz Diemko,Member of the Supervisory Board,Polskie ePłatnosci

Janusz Diemko

Member of the Supervisory Board, Polskie ePłatnosci

Jason Gardner,Founder, CEO,Marqeta, Inc.

Jason Gardner

Founder, CEO, Marqeta, Inc.

Jason Oxman,CEO,Electronic Transactions Association

Jason Oxman

CEO, Electronic Transactions Association

Jean Philippe Joliveau,Product Manager,SIA

Jean Philippe Joliveau

Product Manager, SIA

Jens Bader,Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer,MIR Limited /

Jens Bader

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, MIR Limited /

Jeremy King,International Director,PCI Security Standards

Jeremy King

International Director, PCI Security Standards

Jeroen Bosch van Rosenthal,CEO,CreditClick

Jeroen Bosch van Rosenthal

CEO, CreditClick

Jochen Siegert,COO,Traxpay

Jochen Siegert

COO, Traxpay

John Basquill,Editor,PaymentsCompliance

John Basquill

Editor, PaymentsCompliance

John Snoek,VP Product,Acapture

John Snoek

VP Product, Acapture

Joshua Bower-Saul,CEO,Cybertonica

Joshua Bower-Saul

CEO, Cybertonica

Julian Sawyer,Chief Operating Officer,Starling Bank

Julian Sawyer

Chief Operating Officer, Starling Bank

June Felix,President Europe,Verifone

June Felix

President Europe, Verifone

Justin Fraser,VP European Sales & Alliances,CyberSource

Justin Fraser

VP European Sales & Alliances, CyberSource

Kai-Christian Claus,Partner & Managing Director,EY Innovalue

Kai-Christian Claus

Partner & Managing Director, EY Innovalue

Kate Owen,VP, Northern Europe,Digital Element

Kate Owen

VP, Northern Europe, Digital Element

Konstantin Surkov,Global Payments - MEA & CEE,Netflix

Konstantin Surkov

Global Payments - MEA & CEE, Netflix

Krzysztof Klimczak,Co-Founder & CEO,ZenCard

Krzysztof Klimczak

Co-Founder & CEO, ZenCard

Marcus W. Mosen,CEO,Concardis

Marcus W. Mosen

CEO, Concardis

Marie Costers,General Manager, Open Test Solutions,FIS

Marie Costers

General Manager, Open Test Solutions, FIS

Marijke Koninckx,Product Marketing Manager,BPC Banking Technologies

Marijke Koninckx

Product Marketing Manager, BPC Banking Technologies

Markus Hövekamp,Vice President, General Manager of Germany, Spain, Portugal & Italy,Verifone

Markus Hövekamp

Vice President, General Manager of Germany, Spain, Portugal & Italy, Verifone

Martin Sweeney,CEO,Ravelin

Martin Sweeney

CEO, Ravelin

Masha Cilliers,Strategic partnership consultant and member of Advisory Board,Limonetik

Masha Cilliers

Strategic partnership consultant and member of Advisory Board, Limonetik

Mathias Plank,Founder & CEO,KACHING

Mathias Plank

Founder & CEO, KACHING

Matti Rusila,Development Manager,OP Financial Group/Pivo Wallet

Matti Rusila

Development Manager, OP Financial Group/Pivo Wallet

Max Geerling,Executive Adviser e-Payments,Dutch Payments Association

Max Geerling

Executive Adviser e-Payments, Dutch Payments Association

Max van Riel,Head of Payconiq Germany,Payconiq

Max van Riel

Head of Payconiq Germany, Payconiq

Meinhard Benn,Founder,SatoshiPay

Meinhard Benn

Founder, SatoshiPay

Michael	Rolph,CPO & Co-founder,Yoyo Wallet

Michael Rolph

CPO & Co-founder, Yoyo Wallet

Michael Lovelock,Senior Manager, Discover Merchant Acceptance,Discover Global Network

Michael Lovelock

Senior Manager, Discover Merchant Acceptance, Discover Global Network

Michael Luck,Consultant,Xentian Limited

Michael Luck

Consultant, Xentian Limited

Michal Prazny,Director, Payment Solutions,AEVI

Michal Prazny

Director, Payment Solutions, AEVI

Michel Mulder,Sr. Account Executive Benelux & DACH,UL Transaction Security

Michel Mulder

Sr. Account Executive Benelux & DACH, UL Transaction Security

Miguel Mateus,Co-founder & Co-CEO,Izicap

Miguel Mateus

Co-founder & Co-CEO, Izicap

Mike Yeardley,Senior Director, Product Strategy,Threatmetrix

Mike Yeardley

Senior Director, Product Strategy, Threatmetrix

Nathan SooHoo,Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships,Trulioo

Nathan SooHoo

Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships, Trulioo

Neill Butcher,CEO & Founder,Headcount

Neill Butcher

CEO & Founder, Headcount

Nicholas Armstrong Dryden,CEO,Sthaler

Nicholas Armstrong Dryden

CEO, Sthaler

Nigel Dean,Marketing Director,Spire Payments

Nigel Dean

Marketing Director, Spire Payments

Niklaus Santschi,CEO,BS PAYONE

Niklaus Santschi


Normand Provost,MarCom & Liaison,nexo Standards

Normand Provost

MarCom & Liaison, nexo Standards

Olaf Hofmann,CPO,Cybertonica

Olaf Hofmann

CPO, Cybertonica

Orcun Akca,CEO,enaviga

Orcun Akca

CEO, enaviga

Osama Bedier,Founder & CEO,Poynt

Osama Bedier

Founder & CEO, Poynt

Pascal Volz,Managing Director,fischerAppelt, performance

Pascal Volz

Managing Director, fischerAppelt, performance

Paul Rodgers,Chairman,Vendorcom

Paul Rodgers

Chairman, Vendorcom

Piotr Kurczewski,CEO,DialCom24

Piotr Kurczewski

CEO, DialCom24

Prashant Sharma,Global lead for Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Interaction (POI),Mastercard

Prashant Sharma

Global lead for Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Interaction (POI), Mastercard

Quintin Stephen,Principal Product Manager,ACI Worldwide

Quintin Stephen

Principal Product Manager, ACI Worldwide

Ralf Gladis,Founder & CEO,Computop

Ralf Gladis

Founder & CEO, Computop

Raymundo Leefmans,CEO & Co-Founder,Dimebox

Raymundo Leefmans

CEO & Co-Founder, Dimebox

Reinhard Martens,CFO/COO, Co-Founder,Gastrofix

Reinhard Martens

CFO/COO, Co-Founder, Gastrofix

Richard Harris,SVP International Sales,Feedzai

Richard Harris

SVP International Sales, Feedzai

Robert Wiecko,Head of Project Management at Dash Core Team,Dash

Robert Wiecko

Head of Project Management at Dash Core Team, Dash

Roger Niederer,Head of Merchant services,SIX Payment Services

Roger Niederer

Head of Merchant services, SIX Payment Services

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort,Commercial Director,Payments & Cards Network

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort

Commercial Director, Payments & Cards Network

Ron van Wezel,Senior analyst,Aite Group

Ron van Wezel

Senior analyst, Aite Group

Ronnie d’Arienzo,Chief Sales Officer,PPRO Group

Ronnie d’Arienzo

Chief Sales Officer, PPRO Group

Ryan O’Kane,Director, eCommerce Product Strategy,Global Payments

Ryan O’Kane

Director, eCommerce Product Strategy, Global Payments

Sascha Kruesi,Co-Founder,customweb

Sascha Kruesi

Co-Founder, customweb

Seamus Smith,CEO,Sagepay

Seamus Smith

CEO, Sagepay

Sean Wilson,Vice President, Global Payments & Banking Partnerships,Sage

Sean Wilson

Vice President, Global Payments & Banking Partnerships, Sage

Sebastien Slim,Head of Marketing and Innovation,HPS

Sebastien Slim

Head of Marketing and Innovation, HPS

Silvia Mensdorff-Pouilly,General Manager Europe, Processors & Networks,ACI Worldwide

Silvia Mensdorff-Pouilly

General Manager Europe, Processors & Networks, ACI Worldwide

Steve Emecz,CCO,collectAI

Steve Emecz

CCO, collectAI

Susan Grossman,EVP, Retail and Commerce Solutions,Mastercard Advisors

Susan Grossman

EVP, Retail and Commerce Solutions, Mastercard Advisors

Susanne Steidl,CPO,Wirecard

Susanne Steidl

CPO, Wirecard

Suzan Kereere,Head, Global Merchant Client Group,Visa

Suzan Kereere

Head, Global Merchant Client Group, Visa

Theodore Hettich,Chief Sales Officer,Fruugo

Theodore Hettich

Chief Sales Officer, Fruugo

Thordur Heidar Thorarinsson,Co-Founder & CFO,Handpoint

Thordur Heidar Thorarinsson

Co-Founder & CFO, Handpoint

Tomasz Pieta,Senior UX Designer,

Tomasz Pieta

Senior UX Designer,

Toreson Lloyd,CCO,APEXX Fintech

Toreson Lloyd

CCO, APEXX Fintech

Trevor Clarke,EVP, Business Development,Ethoca

Trevor Clarke

EVP, Business Development, Ethoca

Ulf Geismar,Director,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Ulf Geismar

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Urs Gubser,Head E-Commerce Strategy ,SIX Payment Services

Urs Gubser

Head E-Commerce Strategy , SIX Payment Services

Vaidas Adomauskas,Co-Founder and CEO,WoraPay

Vaidas Adomauskas

Co-Founder and CEO, WoraPay

Vincent Roland,Executive Vice President Head of Worldline Merchant Services,Worldline

Vincent Roland

Executive Vice President Head of Worldline Merchant Services, Worldline

Wei Zhihong,International Market Director and General Manager of Europe Branch,UnionPay International

Wei Zhihong

International Market Director and General Manager of Europe Branch, UnionPay International

Zanda Brivule-Jansone,CEO of Worldline Baltics,Worldline

Zanda Brivule-Jansone

CEO of Worldline Baltics, Worldline