MPE 2020 Speakers

Amit Kurseja ,Head - External Payments,Amazon Pay India

Amit Kurseja

Head - External Payments, Amazon Pay India

Chris Skinner,Author, commentator and troublemaker,

Chris Skinner

Author, commentator and troublemaker,

David Birch,Director of Innovation,Consult Hyperion

David Birch

Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion

Paul Stoddart,President, New Payment Platforms,Mastercard

Paul Stoddart

President, New Payment Platforms, Mastercard

Rahav Shalom-Revivo,Fintech and Cyber Innovations Manager,Israeli Ministry of Finance

Rahav Shalom-Revivo

Fintech and Cyber Innovations Manager, Israeli Ministry of Finance

Ron Kalifa,Vice Chairman,Worldpay

Ron Kalifa

Vice Chairman, Worldpay

Abhish Saha,General Manager,MerchantSuite

Abhish Saha

General Manager, MerchantSuite

Alan Moss,Head of Fintech ,BlueSpecs

Alan Moss

Head of Fintech , BlueSpecs

Zachary Powers,Director of Payments Strategy,FareHarbor &

Zachary Powers

Director of Payments Strategy, FareHarbor &

Alexia Hagen,Vice President, Mastercard Partnerships and Programmes,Mastercard

Alexia Hagen

Vice President, Mastercard Partnerships and Programmes, Mastercard

Alfredo Soria,Corporate Partnerships Fintech Europe at Plug and Play Tech Center,Plug and Play

Alfredo Soria

Corporate Partnerships Fintech Europe at Plug and Play Tech Center, Plug and Play

Ana Vuksanovikj-Vanevska,Senior Product Manager Payment Security,Netcetera

Ana Vuksanovikj-Vanevska

Senior Product Manager Payment Security, Netcetera

Andreas	Habersetzer,Payments lead TAS EMEIA, EY-Parthenon

Andreas Habersetzer

Payments lead TAS EMEIA, EY-Parthenon

Andreas Melan,Head of IKEA Group Payments,IKEA Group

Andreas Melan

Head of IKEA Group Payments, IKEA Group

Andrew Cregan,Policy Adviser – Payments and Consumer Credit,British Retail Consortium

Andrew Cregan

Policy Adviser – Payments and Consumer Credit, British Retail Consortium

Andrew Greening,Managing Partner, Board & NED Practice,Greenings International

Andrew Greening

Managing Partner, Board & NED Practice, Greenings International

Andrew Mitchell,VP Development and Infrastructure Support,JCB International

Andrew Mitchell

VP Development and Infrastructure Support, JCB International

Andrew Vorster,Innovation Catalyst,

Andrew Vorster

Innovation Catalyst,

Andy Diaz,Strategic Growth Manager,PPRO

Andy Diaz

Strategic Growth Manager, PPRO

Arik Shtilman,CEO,Rapyd

Arik Shtilman

CEO, Rapyd

Arnaud de Cartier d’Yves,Investment Director,BlackFin Capital

Arnaud de Cartier d’Yves

Investment Director, BlackFin Capital

Axel Rebien,Chief Financial Officer,Heidelpay Group

Axel Rebien

Chief Financial Officer, Heidelpay Group

Axel Schaefer,Advisor - Payments,IKEA Group

Axel Schaefer

Advisor - Payments, IKEA Group

Benjamin Kirschbaum,German attorney at law,WINHELLER law firm

Benjamin Kirschbaum

German attorney at law, WINHELLER law firm

Benny Tadele,Vice President Merchant Solutions,ACI Worldwide

Benny Tadele

Vice President Merchant Solutions, ACI Worldwide

Boris Griesinger,Head of Payment & Finance Projects,HUGO BOSS

Boris Griesinger

Head of Payment & Finance Projects, HUGO BOSS

Brian Hanrahan,Chief Commercial Officer,Nuapay

Brian Hanrahan

Chief Commercial Officer, Nuapay

Bruce Parker,Founder & CEO,Modo

Bruce Parker

Founder & CEO, Modo

Carsten Muerl,Director Product Management,Mastercard

Carsten Muerl

Director Product Management, Mastercard

Charles Damen,SVP Payment Strategy,WorldPay

Charles Damen

SVP Payment Strategy, WorldPay

Christophe Bourbier,Chairman & Co-founder,Limonetik

Christophe Bourbier

Chairman & Co-founder, Limonetik

Daniel Knottenbelt,Partner, Private Equity,KKR

Daniel Knottenbelt

Partner, Private Equity, KKR

Daria Rippingale,Chief Executive Officer,Bankingblocks

Daria Rippingale

Chief Executive Officer, Bankingblocks

David Buch,Senior Product Manager E-Commerce,VR Payment

David Buch

Senior Product Manager E-Commerce, VR Payment

David Jeffrey,Director, Head of Product - Fraud and Security,Barclaycard

David Jeffrey

Director, Head of Product - Fraud and Security, Barclaycard

David Parker,CEO,Polymath Consulting

David Parker

CEO, Polymath Consulting

Derek Fattal,Senior Corporate Counsel,Bluesnap

Derek Fattal

Senior Corporate Counsel, Bluesnap

Diderik Schonheyder,Managing Director,Schonheyder & Associates

Diderik Schonheyder

Managing Director, Schonheyder & Associates

Dimitri Farber,Co-Founder,Tiller Systems

Dimitri Farber

Co-Founder, Tiller Systems

Dimitri Gugunava,VP Banking & Acquiring,SumUp

Dimitri Gugunava

VP Banking & Acquiring, SumUp

Don Ginsel,Founder & CEO,Holland Fintech

Don Ginsel

Founder & CEO, Holland Fintech

Douglas Mackenzie,Head Series Producer/Host,FintechFinance

Douglas Mackenzie

Head Series Producer/Host, FintechFinance

Edy Bruinooge,Co-founder ,ibanXS

Edy Bruinooge

Co-founder , ibanXS

Elad Cohen,VP Data Science & Research,Riskified

Elad Cohen

VP Data Science & Research, Riskified

Emilian Stoilkov,CEO,QaiWare

Emilian Stoilkov

CEO, QaiWare

Ergi	Sener,Managing Partner,IdeaField BV

Ergi Sener

Managing Partner, IdeaField BV

Eugene Palcheuski,CEO & Founder ,Tap2Pay

Eugene Palcheuski

CEO & Founder , Tap2Pay

Evelien Witlox,Global Head Payments & Cards,ING

Evelien Witlox

Global Head Payments & Cards, ING

France Leduc,EVP of Engineering ,Mobeewave

France Leduc

EVP of Engineering , Mobeewave

Frank Meier,CEO & Founder,Bitbucks

Frank Meier

CEO & Founder, Bitbucks

Frederic Loos,Chief Merchant Officer,Worldline

Frederic Loos

Chief Merchant Officer, Worldline

Gary Munro,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Gary Munro

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Georgy Sokolov,Co-founder,Wirex

Georgy Sokolov

Co-founder, Wirex

Ghela Boskovich,Head of Europe,Financial Data and Technology Association

Ghela Boskovich

Head of Europe, Financial Data and Technology Association

Gilit Saporta,Head of Fraud Intelligence,Simplex

Gilit Saporta

Head of Fraud Intelligence, Simplex

Guillaume Leclerc,Consultant,HPS

Guillaume Leclerc

Consultant, HPS

Guy Douek,SVP Business Operations,SafeCharge

Guy Douek

SVP Business Operations, SafeCharge

Yoav Dror,CEO,PumaPay

Yoav Dror

CEO, PumaPay

Harry Corbett,Sales Manager, Partners & Alliances,Ravelin

Harry Corbett

Sales Manager, Partners & Alliances, Ravelin

Hen Pekar,Research Team Leader,Simplex

Hen Pekar

Research Team Leader, Simplex

Hubert O’Donohue,VP, General Manager,AIB Merchant Services

Hubert O’Donohue

VP, General Manager, AIB Merchant Services

Isabelle Clairac,CEO,MarketPay  (Carrefour)

Isabelle Clairac

CEO, MarketPay (Carrefour)

Isil Ugurlu,Head of Payment,elumeo SE

Isil Ugurlu

Head of Payment, elumeo SE

Ivan Glazachev,CEO,Yandex.Money

Ivan Glazachev

CEO, Yandex.Money

Jake	Hershman,Executive Director,JP Morgan Merchant Services

Jake Hershman

Executive Director, JP Morgan Merchant Services

James Booth,VP - Head of Partnerships, EMEA,PPRO

James Booth

VP - Head of Partnerships, EMEA, PPRO

James O'Toole,Co-Founder ,ID-Pal

James O'Toole

Co-Founder , ID-Pal

James Pinborough,Fraud Product Manager,Accertify

James Pinborough

Fraud Product Manager, Accertify

Jamie George,Enterprise Sales manager,Ravelin

Jamie George

Enterprise Sales manager, Ravelin

Janusz Diemko,Payment consultant / angel investor,JD Payments Consulting

Janusz Diemko

Payment consultant / angel investor, JD Payments Consulting

Jarkko Anttiroiko,Founder & CEO,Enterpay

Jarkko Anttiroiko

Founder & CEO, Enterpay

Jaspers Goeman,Area Lead Sales & Alliances,Rabobank

Jaspers Goeman

Area Lead Sales & Alliances, Rabobank

Jennifer O’Neill,European Consultant ,CMSPI

Jennifer O’Neill

European Consultant , CMSPI

Jeremy King,International Director,PCI Security Standards

Jeremy King

International Director, PCI Security Standards

Jeremy Nicholds,CEO,Judopay

Jeremy Nicholds

CEO, Judopay

Jodie L. Kelley ,CEO,Electronic Transactions Association

Jodie L. Kelley

CEO, Electronic Transactions Association

Jussi Lindberg,Senior Vice President Global Business Development,Adyen

Jussi Lindberg

Senior Vice President Global Business Development, Adyen

Kai-Christian Claus,Partner, Global Payments Leader, EY-Parthenon

Kai-Christian Claus

Partner, Global Payments Leader, EY-Parthenon

Keren Aviasaf Migdal,Co-Founder & CEO,PaymentsOp

Keren Aviasaf Migdal

Co-Founder & CEO, PaymentsOp

Kevin Gosschalk,CEO & Founder,Arkose Labs

Kevin Gosschalk

CEO & Founder, Arkose Labs

Kyle Smith,Vice President of Business Development  ,Ethoca

Kyle Smith

Vice President of Business Development , Ethoca

Laura Matukaitytė,Senior Associate,Sorainen

Laura Matukaitytė

Senior Associate, Sorainen

Lev Yakimov,Head of Global Payments and EMEA Fraud,Gett

Lev Yakimov

Head of Global Payments and EMEA Fraud, Gett

Lieven Lambrecht,Head of HR,PwC Luxembourg

Lieven Lambrecht

Head of HR, PwC Luxembourg

Louise Garratt,Senior Payments Manager,Easyjet

Louise Garratt

Senior Payments Manager, Easyjet

Lu Zurawski,Practice Lead, Retail Payments,ACI Worldwide

Lu Zurawski

Practice Lead, Retail Payments, ACI Worldwide

Manish Patel,Vice President - Merchants,ACI Worldwide

Manish Patel

Vice President - Merchants, ACI Worldwide

Manja Pfeiffer,Micropayments Specialist,

Manja Pfeiffer

Micropayments Specialist,

Mark Waring,Senior Associate,The Strawhecker Group

Mark Waring

Senior Associate, The Strawhecker Group

Martha Mghendi-Fisher,Founder,EWPN

Martha Mghendi-Fisher

Founder, EWPN

Martin Sweeney,CEO,Ravelin

Martin Sweeney

CEO, Ravelin

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen,Founder & CEO,Nustay

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen

Founder & CEO, Nustay

Maurice Jongmans,Chairman,VBIN - United Dutch Payment Institutions

Maurice Jongmans

Chairman, VBIN - United Dutch Payment Institutions

Max M. Svendsen,Music Composer and Sound Designer,MM SVENDSEN

Max M. Svendsen

Music Composer and Sound Designer, MM SVENDSEN

Mélisande Mual,Managing Director, Publisher,The Paypers

Mélisande Mual

Managing Director, Publisher, The Paypers

Miriam Wohlfarth,Founder,RatePay

Miriam Wohlfarth

Founder, RatePay

Monica Eaton-Cardone,COO, co-founder,Chargebacks911

Monica Eaton-Cardone

COO, co-founder, Chargebacks911

Neil Smith,Head of Business Development, EMEA,Forter

Neil Smith

Head of Business Development, EMEA, Forter

Neira Jones,Independent Advisor ,

Neira Jones

Independent Advisor ,

Nicolas Adolph,Chairman,EPSM

Nicolas Adolph

Chairman, EPSM

Niklaus Santschi,CEO,PAYONE

Niklaus Santschi


Nilixa Devlukia,Founder,Payments Solved

Nilixa Devlukia

Founder, Payments Solved

Oscar Berglund,CEO,Trustly

Oscar Berglund

CEO, Trustly

Pascal Burg,Director,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Pascal Burg

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Paul Adams,International Payments Director,Barclaycard

Paul Adams

International Payments Director, Barclaycard

Paul Rawson,Senior Business Development Manager ,Zalando

Paul Rawson

Senior Business Development Manager , Zalando

Paul Rodgers,Chairman,Vendorcom

Paul Rodgers

Chairman, Vendorcom

Paul Scholten,Chief Executive Officer,Buckaroo B.V.

Paul Scholten

Chief Executive Officer, Buckaroo B.V.

Peter Kovacs,Sr. Product Manager,The New York Times

Peter Kovacs

Sr. Product Manager, The New York Times

Peter Vesco,CEO EMEA,Rezolve

Peter Vesco

CEO EMEA, Rezolve

Petr Baron,CEO,TBIF (TBI Bank)

Petr Baron


Rajat Hubli,Product Lead - Booking & Payments ,Omio

Rajat Hubli

Product Lead - Booking & Payments , Omio

Ralf Germer,CEO and Co-founder,PagBrasil

Ralf Germer

CEO and Co-founder, PagBrasil

Ralf Gladis,Founder & CEO,Computop

Ralf Gladis

Founder & CEO, Computop

Raphael Tetro,SVP Merchants Services,SafeCharge

Raphael Tetro

SVP Merchants Services, SafeCharge

Rik Coeckelbergs,Managing Director,The Banking Scene

Rik Coeckelbergs

Managing Director, The Banking Scene

Risto Savolainen,Founder & CEO,iAxept

Risto Savolainen

Founder & CEO, iAxept

Rob Tuckwell,Director of Partnerships & B2B,Barclaycard

Rob Tuckwell

Director of Partnerships & B2B, Barclaycard

Ron van Wezel,Senior analyst,Aite Group

Ron van Wezel

Senior analyst, Aite Group

Rory O'Neill,Chief Marketing Officer,Planet

Rory O'Neill

Chief Marketing Officer, Planet

Ruca Sousa Marques,CEO,Switch

Ruca Sousa Marques

CEO, Switch

Sam Shawki,Chief Executive Officer,MagicCube

Sam Shawki

Chief Executive Officer, MagicCube

Sarel Tal,VP, EMEA,Rapyd

Sarel Tal

VP, EMEA, Rapyd

Sasha Pons,Product Innovation Director, Radar Payments by BPC

Sasha Pons

Product Innovation Director, Radar Payments by BPC

Sebastian Weyer,Co-founder & CEO,Statice

Sebastian Weyer

Co-founder & CEO, Statice

Shmuli Goldberg,CMO,Identiq

Shmuli Goldberg

CMO, Identiq

Silke Hubert,Presales Consultant Digital Payment,Netcetera

Silke Hubert

Presales Consultant Digital Payment, Netcetera

Simon Black,CEO,PPRO Group

Simon Black


Spencer McLain,VP and GM of EMEA,Ekata

Spencer McLain

VP and GM of EMEA, Ekata

Steven Bisoffi,Payments Specialist, Policy,Payment Systems Regulator (PSR)

Steven Bisoffi

Payments Specialist, Policy, Payment Systems Regulator (PSR)

Steve Cook,Specialist Biometrics and Fintech Consultant,Biometrics for eCommerce

Steve Cook

Specialist Biometrics and Fintech Consultant, Biometrics for eCommerce

Sunil Jhamb,Chief Executive Officer,Newgen Payments

Sunil Jhamb

Chief Executive Officer, Newgen Payments

Thijs Moser,Head of Global and DACH,PaymentGenes

Thijs Moser

Head of Global and DACH, PaymentGenes

Thomas Pernot,Online Business – Fraud and Billing Manager,Square Enix Europe

Thomas Pernot

Online Business – Fraud and Billing Manager, Square Enix Europe

Tim van Delden,Partner,HPE Growth

Tim van Delden

Partner, HPE Growth

Vanita Pandey,VP of Marketing,Arkose Labs

Vanita Pandey

VP of Marketing, Arkose Labs

Victor Bergmann,Merchant Lead DACH,GooglePay

Victor Bergmann

Merchant Lead DACH, GooglePay

Volker Schloenvoigt,Principal,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Volker Schloenvoigt

Principal, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Wei Zhihong,International Market Director and General Manager of Europe Branch,UnionPay International

Wei Zhihong

International Market Director and General Manager of Europe Branch, UnionPay International

Yimei Wenyang,Managing Director,Alipay Europe

Yimei Wenyang

Managing Director, Alipay Europe