MPE Summer Week 2020 Speakers

 Gijs Boudewijn,Deputy General Manager,The Dutch Payments Association

Gijs Boudewijn

Deputy General Manager, The Dutch Payments Association

Chris Skinner,Author, commentator and troublemaker,

Chris Skinner

Author, commentator and troublemaker,

David Birch,Director of Innovation,Consult Hyperion

David Birch

Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion

Eric Tak,Global Head ING Payments Centre,ING

Eric Tak

Global Head ING Payments Centre, ING

Marc Massar,Chief Product Officer,Nets

Marc Massar

Chief Product Officer, Nets

Spencer McLain,VP and GM of EMEA,Ekata

Spencer McLain

VP and GM of EMEA, Ekata

Alex Rolfe,Managing Director,Payments Cards and Mobile

Alex Rolfe

Managing Director, Payments Cards and Mobile

Christian Desert,Chief Revenue Officer,BoaCompra by PagSeguro

Christian Desert

Chief Revenue Officer, BoaCompra by PagSeguro

Christine Bailey,Chief Marketing Officer,Valitor

Christine Bailey

Chief Marketing Officer, Valitor

Christophe Bourbier,Chairman & Co-founder,Limonetik

Christophe Bourbier

Chairman & Co-founder, Limonetik

Claire Maslen,Chief Marketing Officer,Consult Hyperion

Claire Maslen

Chief Marketing Officer, Consult Hyperion

Daniel Kornitzer,Chief Business Development Officer,Paysafe

Daniel Kornitzer

Chief Business Development Officer, Paysafe

David Poole,Global Head of Mobile POS Solutions,MYPINPAD

David Poole

Global Head of Mobile POS Solutions, MYPINPAD

Elena Emelyanova,Senior Payments Manager,

Elena Emelyanova

Senior Payments Manager,

Frederik Hesse,Director, Business Development, European Acceptance and Acquiring Intelligence,Mastercard

Frederik Hesse

Director, Business Development, European Acceptance and Acquiring Intelligence, Mastercard

Gary Munro,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Gary Munro

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Ghela Boskovich,Head of Europe,Financial Data and Technology Association

Ghela Boskovich

Head of Europe, Financial Data and Technology Association

Holly Worst,Director of Strategy and Marketing, Retail and B2B Payments,Worldpay from FIS

Holly Worst

Director of Strategy and Marketing, Retail and B2B Payments, Worldpay from FIS

Houssem Assadi,CEO,dejamobile

Houssem Assadi

CEO, dejamobile

Ivan Glazachev,CEO,Yandex.Money

Ivan Glazachev

CEO, Yandex.Money

James Booth,VP - Head of Partnerships, EMEA,PPRO

James Booth

VP - Head of Partnerships, EMEA, PPRO

Jared Drieling,Senior Director of Consulting & Market Intelligence,The Strawhecker Group

Jared Drieling

Senior Director of Consulting & Market Intelligence, The Strawhecker Group

Katarzyna Jakubiec,Head of Sellers Excellence,

Katarzyna Jakubiec

Head of Sellers Excellence,

Kurt Schmid,Marketing ,Netcetera

Kurt Schmid

Marketing , Netcetera

Mark Beresford,Director,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Mark Beresford

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Martin Koderisch,Principal,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Martin Koderisch

Principal, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Mélisande Mual,Managing Director, Publisher,The Paypers

Mélisande Mual

Managing Director, Publisher, The Paypers

Michel Yvon,Head of payments,Decathlon

Michel Yvon

Head of payments, Decathlon

Monica Eaton-Cardone,COO, co-founder,Chargebacks911

Monica Eaton-Cardone

COO, co-founder, Chargebacks911

Nick Telford-Reed,Advisory Board Member and Executive Partner,Endava

Nick Telford-Reed

Advisory Board Member and Executive Partner, Endava

Paul Rodgers,Chairman,Vendorcom

Paul Rodgers

Chairman, Vendorcom

Rahav Shalom-Revivo,Fintech and Cyber Innovations Manager,Israeli Ministry of Finance

Rahav Shalom-Revivo

Fintech and Cyber Innovations Manager, Israeli Ministry of Finance

Rodney Farmer,Member Board of Advisors,PCI Security Standards Council

Rodney Farmer

Member Board of Advisors, PCI Security Standards Council

Sandra Feinberg,Global Workload Lead - Fraud,Microsoft

Sandra Feinberg

Global Workload Lead - Fraud, Microsoft

Ted Hettich,Chief Sales Officer,Ideal Shopping Direct

Ted Hettich

Chief Sales Officer, Ideal Shopping Direct

Tim Buckingham,Co-Founder,Payment Services Consulting Ltd

Tim Buckingham

Co-Founder, Payment Services Consulting Ltd

Tim Richards,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Tim Richards

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Walter Beisheim,Chief Business Development Officer,Nok Nok Labs

Walter Beisheim

Chief Business Development Officer, Nok Nok Labs

Wilco Slabbekoorn,Vice President of International Sales,Afterpay

Wilco Slabbekoorn

Vice President of International Sales, Afterpay

Yuval Ziv,Managing Director, Digital Payments,Nuvei

Yuval Ziv

Managing Director, Digital Payments, Nuvei