M2M Group

M2M Group


M2M Group is a worldwide provider of secure e-transactions processing solutions.

M2M Group works constantly to remain at the forefront of technology and business innovation. Founded in 1990, M2M Group earned a market leading position in expert domains such electronic payments, egov, e-ticketing and data automation.

M2M Group develops and delivers highly efficient and future-proof solutions that are designed to better serve consumers, citizens and employees.

With expertise that covers the entire IT value chain, ranging from consulting to delivery, M2M Group provides, integrates and implements solutions, ensuring that delivered platforms are fit for purpose, reliable, secure and scalable.

By leveraging proven experience and expertise in advanced technologies (IT security, multi-application, multi-channel processing, identification techniques, decision-support systems…).

M2M Group helps banks, governments, transport operators, universities and businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and offer their customers digital services that combine innovation, conviviality and trusted products.

M2M Group works constantly to remain at the forefront of technology and business innovation.

Based on MX product lines, M2M Group’s solutions are used across the world for a large range of applications addressing electronic payment, identity management, EGOV , transport e-ticketing, as well as business processes automation such HR management.
MX Payment is at the center of the M2M Product Line. MX Payment is a comprehensive platform, risk-minimizing card and account management suite for retailers or financial institutions. With it, banks can instantly issue any domestic or international payment instrument, from prepaid eWallets to credit cards, allowing any type of transaction or loyalty program. The uniqueness of our solutions, from a bank’s standpoint, is that it can use multiple types of databases, operating systems or payment technology.

M2M Group is listed in the Casablanca Stock Exchange and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, while the company is also certified to the international ISO 9001:2008 standard.