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Infraxis is a Swiss company that provides payment processing solutions for its customers: financial product issuers, acquirers and those providing value-added processing solutions across the industry.

Our flagship product - PayStorm - is an adaptable, reliable and scalable solution, offering rapid time-to-market for both traditional payment processing or Fintech-style solutions.

Approximately 28% of all credit cards issued in Germany today are authorised by PayStorm.

In addition, Infraxis offers a specialised solution for the fuel/fleet card market. This covers card issuance, multi-scheme acquiring, card digitisation/on-boarding and mobile app integration, providing a direct path to secure contactless payments for non-EMV fleet cards.

Whether the requirement is for traditional card authorisation, prepaid card issuance, management of payment terminals, inter-connecting ISO20022 Instant Payments, or connecting RESTful APIs to existing applications, Infraxis can deliver cost-effective solutions for all.

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