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Headquartered in Cologne, Germany with operations in Canada, and Costa Rica. 4Stop was founded in 2016 and is a leading vendor of cloud-based risk management and compliance solutions. Through a single API, businesses access hundreds of global KYB/KYC data sources, data science and 4Stop’s proprietary real-time anti-fraud and monitoring technology to confidently and efficiently mitigate risk worldwide.

All founding partners of 4Stop have a background in the payment and risk management arena, having worked in executive positions at acquiring banks, marketplaces and large-scale eCommerce businesses. Together they established 4Stop with their collective 60+ years’ experience that brought forth a depth of knowledge to not only understand how the risk industry functions, the trends in its evolution, but how they could develop a solution to best facilitate industry needs.

4Stop brings together trusted information, managed services, technology and expertise – an unrivaled combination that empowers businesses globally to make well informed decisions based on quantifiable data and confidently manage risk to accelerate their business performance. The 4Stop platform has been developed with a full understanding of compliance needs – locally and globally, today and in the future.

4Stop is designed to remove the cumbersome process of managing KYC, compliance and anti-fraud on a global scale, per localized regulation, and in a manner that does not require multiple integrations and drain on business operations, IT departments, costs or time to market. Through a single API integration businesses have access to hundreds of premium global KYB and KYC data sources to support compliance and risk mitigation in a fail-safe, future-proof, simplistic and real-time manner. Combined with their proprietary anti-fraud technology that services enterprise-level risk management with dynamic risk checks and granular risk analysis intelligence. Businesses obtain a centralized global view of risk and can dramatically improve their authorization rates and stop fraud before it occurs. With 4Stop, businesses effortlessly not only are compliant, but stay compliant, combat fraud and grow their business globally with absolute confidence KYC and risk are managed.

For more information please visit www.4stop.com