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SecuredTouch is the expert in behavioral biometrics-based fraud detection solutions for online retailers and financial institutions. 


We provide solutions that identify sophisticated fraud attack methods - whether automated and/or manual - to support early detection of previously undetected fraud. By running continuously & invisibly in the background throughout the customer journey, our solution creates a fast track to transaction completion for trusted users. Not only does this result in reduced overall fraud losses and related costs, it provides a seamless user experience that boosts conversion rates.


Our proprietary machine learning algorithms collect and analyze 100s of unique behavioral data points that are generated by user behavioral patterns, human-to-device interactions and account activities. The product consists of 4 key offerings:

  • Bot detection to differentiate between human and non-human behaviors
  • Device intelligence to spot compromised devices or emulators  
  • Behavioral analysis to flag deviations from normal behavioral patterns
  • Passive verification to validate legitimate users

Our clients are equipped with the tools to protect their customers against the most challenging use cases like account takeover and new account fraud. 


Today, our award-winning solutions are used by some of the world's largest retailers and financial institutions. For more information, visit us at