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iAxept Online Contactless is a new payment method using Contactless Cards for Internet Shopping

At iAxept, we believe paying online should be as easy, fast and secure as contactless payments in physical shops. One tap.

iAxept Online Contactless adheres to three principles (1) Simplicity, (2) Security and (3) Ubiquity, consequently everyone in the payment ecosystem wins.

All consumers need is the iAxept App on their mobile device, and one tap of their Contactless Card against it. For higher-value transactions, they simply key in their usual PIN.


  • iAxept Online Contactless gives consumers the convenience of contactless payments when shopping online. One tap.
  • 90% of consumers have abandoned online transactions because of complex checkout requirements.
  • iAxept removes the complicated requirements, replacing them with the world’s most popular and fastest-growing payment method – contactless – in a secure, compliant online environment.
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  • iAxept Online Contactless is a card-present transaction, removing card-not-present fraud risk and related chargeback fees.
  • Its ease and simplicity reduces cart abandonment, increasing sales and profits for merchants.
  • In 2019 studies showed 23% of consumers would shop less if they had to deal with more online security following the introduction of SCA, but 59% said that iAxept Online Contactless would encourage them to shop more online.


  • iAxept solution meets PSD2 SCA standards using the combination of Online PIN & Contactless Card.
  • iAxept helps Acquirers grow aggressively in online card use capturing market share from other payment methods.
  • Increased conversion rate means more transactions and more revenue.

iAxept Online Contactless enables consumers to shop online, on any device and make the payment by tapping a Contactless Card on their mobile phone. Easy, fast and secure.

For more information please visit iaxept.com