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The PPRO Group is a regulated e-money institution that specialises in cross-border e-payments. PPRO removes the complexity of international e-commerce payments by acquiring, collecting and processing a vast range of alternative payment methods for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) under one contract and through one platform and single integration.

The PPRO Group supports international payment methods across more than 100 countries, allowing PSPs to expand their merchants’ e-commerce reach, arrange hassle-free collection and achieve higher conversion rates.

The PPRO Group also issues Visa and MasterCard consumer prepaid cards under its own brand name VIABUY,  and enables B2B prepaid cards under its CROSSCARD and FLEETMONEY brands, which can be issued both physically and as virtual cards or NFC devices (as stickers).

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in London, the PPRO Group is an EU-certified financial institute with an e-money license issued by the British regulatory body FCA. For more information, please visit www.ppro.com.