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Credorax is a merchant acquiring bank licensed by the MFSA as well as a PSD financial institution under the European Union. One of the first technology companies to become a principal-level member of Visa Europe and MasterCard, Credorax is a cross-border acquirer practicing banking in over 28 countries globally, including all European Union member states, and most recently, received its license in Japan.

The company is a pure-play acquirer that partners with over 150 global payment partners, including Europe’s ModusLink, PayMill, AltaPay, PayPoint and payworks, to provide  ‘smart acquiring’ to over 1,000 e-commerce merchants.

Investing 40% of its annual budget into R&D and technology, Credorax empowers e-commerce merchants to transcend many of the processing challenges they would typically face with more traditional acquirers who mainly rely on legacy platforms.

Credorax’s fast-track to success is mainly due to its discovery early on that in order for merchants to tap into global consumer markets beyond their own borders, their online payments experience has to be seamless, completely legal and compliant, and most of all, not burdened with high banking and exchange fees.

In order to solve these combined issues, Credorax developed ‘ePower’, the first, single and unified global online technology payment platform. Through a single, completely automated and digital platform, merchants and PSPs can conduct all of their online payments business through one source instead of fragmented solutions dispersed in different geographical locations.

ePower offers European merchants and PSPs significant benefits including:

  • Local BINs for optimised interchange costs and approval rates.
  • Digital, paperless and hassle-free merchant on-boarding within a few days.
  • Advanced BI tools for smarter reporting and analysis.
  • Processing all major currencies, settlement in 17 currencies with no conversion or FX loss.
  • High flexibility with remittance cycles.

Credorax is a global company, headquartered in the US, with offices in the UK, Japan, Malta and Israel. Over $100 million has been invested in the company within the past two years from FTV, Blumberg Capital, Columbus Nova Technology Partners and Mobile Internet Capital.

For more information please visit or follow on Twitter @credorax or contact:

Nicola Willis
Head of UK Sales
Mobile: + 44 (0) 7860 630 243