Datecs is a leading manufacturer of mobile POS terminals for iOS. More than 500 000 mobile terminals under the “Linea” brand are widely used in USA by companies like Apple, Verizon Wireless, Nordstrom, Lowes, Sears etc. In 2013 Datecs introduced its mobile PINPAD  BluePAD 50 which has all certifications like PCI, EMV L1, EMV L2, UKCC. CAS. APCA etc. In 2014 Datecs introduced  mobile PINPAD BP-500 for iPhone 5  and iPOD 5. It also has all certifications like BP-50. In 2014 both models obtained EMV Contactless Level 1 approval and in Q1 of 2015 both models will get  EMV Contactless Level 2 certification.

Datecs also manufactures many types of Audio Jack readers which also have PCI and EMV approvals.

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