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KAE has been providing evidence-led research and consultancy support to some of the world’s largest financial services brands for the past 25 years. Operating globally from a London HQ, KAE has provided consulting and strategic advice in more than 50 countries across three core areas: Insight, Strategy and Analytics. KAE has a dedicated team of consultants that work across card acquiring and issuing, with a superior ability and understanding to effectively approach topics through a variety of ‘lenses’ (i.e. acquirers, payments gateways, issuers and card schemes).

KAE is focused on answering critical business questions and delivering value-laden insights along with commercially relevant recommendations. Other areas of KAE’s expertise include Alternative Finance, FinTech, corporate banking, retail banking, private wealth management, business travel and new technologies.

KAE’s service portfolio:


  • Best Practice
  • Market Insight
  • Market Sizing


  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Go-To-Market


  • Pricing
  • Proposition Refinement
  • Segmentation

For more information please visit kae.com