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The story of Web Shield begins in December 2010, when we started the development of a product that would help merchant acquirers and internet payment service providers conducting their due diligence checks for online merchants. Based on the principles developed by Christian Chmiel in his book “Investigative Risk Analysis”, the first SHIELD prototype was developed.

It was clear from the beginning that a one-time investigative solution would not suffice in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce. MONITOR, the persistent website surveillance tool, complimented SHIELD and allowed for constant website screening to identify content violations, critical changes in the text of the website, additional URLs and more.

A year later, in December 2011, Web Shield Limited incorporated in London and began to acquire its first customers. In the years to follow, we used our experience to further enhance our products and services. Extended IP-range and aggregation checks, reverse Whois searches, CreditSafe integration and affiliate website identification are only some of the features that made our SHIELD and MONITOR platform the most comprehensive due diligence tool on the market.

While SHIELD and MONITOR remained our core products, we still managed to diversify: 2014 saw the launch of our Compromised File Detection Service, which helps Cyberlockers detect content violations and KYC-Shield, the BaFin (German Financial Authority) compliant online identification service. In 2015 the Payment System Protection Program and Transaction Laundering Suite followed, both tools to counteract illegal aggregation.
Knowledge not shared is knowledge lost – following this maxim we established the Web Shield Academy in February 2014 as a vehicle to bring specialized knowledge about innovative underwriting techniques into the industry. Its lasting popularity speaks for the success of our efforts. In the same vein, we published a best practice guide for underwriters, written by Christian Chmiel (CEO) and Markus Prause (VP Underwriting & Content Monitoring).

Web Shield’s impact in the industry didn’t go unnoticed. We joined established organizations like the Electronic Transactions Association, the Internet Watch Foundation and the Merchant Acquirer Committee, amongst others, culminating in becoming an official MasterCard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider in July 2015.

Of course we didn’t rest on our laurels. GMAS, the Global Merchant Acceptance Suite, represents the pinnacle of all our efforts in the last 5 years. As a global entity database based on open source information, surrounded by hundreds of APIs and connected to dozens of search engines, credit bureaus, sanction lists, background research tools and more, it represents a revolution in the field of merchant acceptance: GMAS speeds up the boarding and due diligence process, delivers an in-depth investigation about all relevant details of a merchant and provides easy to understand recommendations – all in one report.

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