NTT Security

NTT Security


NTT Security Ltd was established in 2009, combining both PCI DSS assessment and validation knowledge with technical security expertise.
The merging of these competencies created the formal QSA platform from which NTT Security operates today. NTT Security’s employees have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for their work and extensive field experience. Certifications include: PCI/PA QSA, CISSP, CISA, CISM, ITIL and CSSLP.
Specializing in Payment Service Providers, NTT Security can count major players among its client portfolio covering a wide range of industries from the banking, public and insurance, to travel, retail, telecom and energy sectors.
NTT Security’s experienced technical and security testing teams are responsible for the delivery of the secure code review, a complete Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) analysis and the phase-by-phase execution of penetration testing services.
Ultimately, the NTT Security's team is the creator and unique owner of the ZeroRisk Solutions line of PCI DSS Management products:

  • PCI Portal for MPAs: A SaaS solution thought for Merchant Portfolio Authorities (MPA). This category includes Acquiring Banks, eMoney Institutions, PSPs, Franchisers, Large Merchants, Payment Processors and any other entity responsible for a Merchants' Portfolio's PCI Compliance. MPAs using PCI Portal will be able to monitor the status of the PCI DSS Compliance of their Merchants at the touch of a button;
  • PCI Portal for Merchants: An intuitive solution that will help you select and fill out the right Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and share it with your MPA. Subscribers of PCI Portal for Merchants can achieve, monitor and maintain PCI DSS easily and cost-effectively;
  • ZeroRisk PINpoint: A full blown solution consisting of a web based dashboard and a mobile application thought for all those Merchants that use point-of-sale devices (PoS) or any type of terminal which physical security needs to be kept under control.

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