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Digital Element is the global leader and industry pioneer of IP geolocation technology. Our IP Intelligence solution, NetAcuity®, is deployed by the world's largest online security companies, e-commerce sites, payment providers, analytics companies, ad networks and more.

IP Intelligence is one of the top five techniques used to detect and prevent online fraud. Independently verified as the most accurate IP Intelligence solution available, NetAcuity® is a first line of defence in the battle against online fraud.

The solution can be used for:

  • Proxy Detection.
  • Login Verification.
  • Session high jacking monitoring.
  • Bill to - Ship to - IP location.
  • Domain and ISP detection.
  • Hosting traffic identification.


NetAcuity® is the only IP solution that is verified by the Media Rating Council. It is a single source IP data solution that is easy to integrate into merchant and ecommerce systems, deployed in as little as 20 minutes.

Our clients include Amazon, ASOS, BBC, DoubleVerify, eBay, Dell, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Facebook, Interbanco, Swedbank, Experian, Symantec, VeriSign and many more.

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