D8 Corp

D8 Corp


D8 Corporation is a software technology vendor that focuses on competitive solutions in the field of mobile wallets, HCE based solutions, payment cards issuing and processing solutions, fraud prevention, compliance and real-time loyalty technology.

Over the course of 14 years D8 has completed numerous projects in more than 25 countries for large scale global retail chains, all size of banks, financial services startups and national card processing centers. Regardless of the organization’s size, we treat every client with the highest level of standard and respect.

The main reasons why you should choose D8 Corporation for implementing your project:

  • We do have extensive experience in the field we operate.
  • We are innovative.
  • We do take responsibility for what we promise.
  • We are flexible.
  • We are efficient.
  • We are cost effective.

You can read more about us here - http://www.d8corporation.com/en/about/