Visa CyberSource

Visa CyberSource

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CyberSource Payment Management Platform helps you to optimise business results by actively managing every aspect of your payment operations - from payment acceptance and processing through to order screening, fraud management and enterprise payment security. A complete, modular system of web-based services gives you the flexibility to add more options as and when required - without costly or lengthy IT projects.

CyberSource, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa Inc., is the only integrated payment management platform built on secure Visa infrastructure, with the payment reach and fraud insights of a massive $358Bn global processing network. CyberSource payment management solutions help 475,000 large and small businesses grow sales, mitigate risk, and operate with greater agility.


  • Leverage The World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar based on intelligence from over 68 billion transactions – processed by Visa and CyberSource, annually.
  • We offer payment acceptance in 190+ countries – and accept 137 currencies.
  • We have 100 acquirer processor connections. This is increasing by 20+ each year.

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