i​nventiv is established with the aim of developing innovative solutions directing the market in the field of financial services and payment systems in 2016. 

inventiv is 100% affiliate of Multinet Up which is the first company using the "Smart Card Technology" in the field of corporate expenses and non-wage payments in Turkey. 

intentiv, setting out with the power of experienced Information Technology team and all knowledge, has been active in this field since 1999 when Multinet Up was established, continues to work​ in order to offer solutions that make life easier for its stakeholders. 

inventiv, the power behind the system providing successful services to;

  • 1 million card users,
  • Over 37 thousand merchants,
  • Over 21 thousand corporate clients

up to day, also provides solutions that make life easier by means of developing customized payment solutions specific to customer needs, loyalty systems and mobile applications. 

The solutions developed by inventiv, continuing its R&D oriented works in the campus of GOSB Teknopark with 45 qualified engineers, are being used by industry leading companies in Turkey and in the World today. 

inventiv aiming to be the one designing the development and be its leader as well as keeping pace with the rapid development in the technology by 17 years of experience in the world of payment systems, continues to develop the innovative, value added and reliable solutions for its stakeholders in the field of Financial Technologies.

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