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Company's Core Competence

Payments Orchestration

Product /service description

BR-DGE is a payments orchestration service and platform that offers Merchants a new approach in how to access the innovative world of payments. BR-DGE also offers a rich contextual layer to provide customer insight or connect other third party services such as reconciliation / fraud managed or FX tools / services etc. thereby improving operational efficiency.

How is the solution unique, innovative or game changing?

BR-DGE removes the complexity in how Merchants access and introduce new payment services and methods. Traditionally merchants have integrated directly with payment service providers, making it difficult to change or introduce new payment innovations and has limited resilience in the event of a service provider outage. BR-DGE creates more control and leverage for the Merchant, by giving them the ability to access payment services, without the integration complexity. With BR-DGE's intelligent routing capability, transactions can be routed in the most optimum way, thereby mitigating the impact of payment service provider outages or failed payments. BR-DGE offers a safe and simple environment to innovate quickly and introduce new payment methods to cater for new markets or consumer payment preferences.

What is value proposition?

Value can be measured in a number of ways: Revenue growth by ensuring optimisation of payment success and mitigating the impact of outages and also being able to offer payment methods for different markets and consumer preferences, thereby reaching a wider market audience. Enhanced customer experience, my mitigating the impact and frustration of a failed payment. Cost improvement, giving the merchant greater bargaining power in negotiating PSP fees, easy to add new services / change without large IT change projects. Innovation, enabling the merchant to keep pace with advancements in payments, without the added technology / operational complexity.

What is the vision for the product / service?

Our vision is to give greater freedom and flexibility to merchants and how they process / access digital payment services to ensure they maximise revenues, optimise costs and deliver a great payment experience for their customers.

Why should the company be chosen to speak at MPE?

We believe payments orchestration offers a unique and disruptive approach in how merchants access payment services. BR-DGE offers new innovative opportunities for both the merchant and consumer and creates new possibilities for new payment service providers entering the market, fuelling new competition and innovation.