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We live in the age of connected consumers and digital shopping journeys. New shopping groups (Millennials/connected consumers) glued to their smartphones are driving a revolution in retailing. They don’t want to be sold to, they want to be engaged and feel valued by merchants.

In 2014 merchants ventured into omnichannel retailing and in-store marketing solutions aimed at improving shopping experience of their consumers.

Omnichannel is becoming an industry standard. According to a recent study by Forrester 39% of consumers are unlikely to visit a retailer’s physical location if its online store doesn’t provide in-store inventory information. Retailers are making decisions about the apps and digital technology that will connect their online presence to their stores and enable two way communication, order fulfillment, etc..

New technologies like Beacons, wearables, NFC, HCE, mPOS help merchants with engaging interactions.

And thanks to their deployment customers may enjoy new type of information rich experience during online shopping with social interactions, while in-store when check-in, redeeming real time offers, trying, testing, touching, authenticating with biometrics and performing friction-free payments on the go. In return, retailers are awarded with BIG data collected during customer interaction.

RMS 3.0. brief was prepared mainly for traditional merchant payment providers. It summarizes key trends changing commerce and challenges for merchants (new consumers segments, mobility, role of digital technology, omnichannel opportunities etc.). We believe that it will be useful also for those who intend to design new generation of value added services beyond payments.

This brief further monitors recent announcements of innovative merchant payment and POS providers that are building their products, and services around new technologies and solutions (NFC , Beacons, wearables, mPOS erc.) to help merchants improve business management and customer interaction.