European Cards industry in 2020 and beyond.
Do we need oversight coordination?

PSD2 SCA has been one of the most discussed topics in the merchant payments ecosystem before and after its implementation deadline, on September 14, 2019. What are the lessons learned from the PSD2 SCA implementation project so far?

What has happened in 2019?

January – September 14: Many industry players have advocated before September 14 for a pan-European migration plan that is consistent, harmonized and effective across all member states.

June 21: Because of the complexity of the enforcement, on June 21, 2019, the European Banking Authority (EBA) granted National Authorities (NAs) the possibility to postpone the 14th September deadline to allow the implementation of new authentication tools by all customers, with exclusive reference to the online card payments.

June – October 2019: Several NAs announced different migration plans, so there is a risk of differences in implementation. If that happens, it will be difficult, expensive and time-consuming for payment providers and merchants to prepare their solutions.

SCA transition plans report

Lessons learned from PSD 2 SCA implementation for the regulation of Card Industry in Europe: Do we need oversight coordination?

MPE team interviewed industry professionals before and after September 14 & October 16 to find out “What are the lessons learned from the PSD2 SCA implementation project so far? and here is the feedback we received from the different industry stakeholders:

… A coordinated approach is needed …

… The installation of a program management office needs to happen …

… there is a need to reorganize oversight of this industry …

… a lack of consistent communication with consumers and a general failure to prepare merchants for the impact of SCA in e-commerce …


Industry feedback is needed!

In order to obtain a wider market view on the implementation of SCA for online commerce, MPE in cooperation with AITE Group prepared a short online survey on the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) implementation timeline and impact on online payments in Europe. The findings will be shared with you later this year and presented at the MPE 2020 Conference.

We would like to request your participation. As a thank you for completing the survey, we will provide a summary of key findings from the research. Response by November 15th is requested.

The survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete. All information is used in aggregate and is completely anonymous, no individual or company names will be shared.

Join MPE 2020 conference, Berlin, February 18-20 to learn from different industry stakeholders on what needs to happen to make the SCA transition a success after October 16? and if there is a need for a coordinated oversight of the card & merchant payments industry in Europe.