MPE 2021 / 22-25 Feb 2021

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[WEBINAR] Beyond the credit card: Successful strategies for e-commerce in North America and Oceania

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North America’s e-commerce market is worth $562bn a year – 2.6% of the GDP – making it the second largest in the world. The most common way of paying for online transactions is still credit card. However, almost 20% of Americans now use e-wallets and market statistics indicate a growing acceptance of alternative payment methods (APMs). The North American market is highly complex as well as highly competitive. In order to break into it, PSPs and merchants need to understand local market dynamics, consumer preferences and payment culture.

Oceania is an area rich in opportunities for e-commerce providers. The webinar will take a look at some unique e-commerce payment challenges in Oceania – mainly connected with distance and sparse populations. The speakers will focus on Australia and New Zealand, the two largest markets in the region. Covering their payment cultures, infrastructure and other crucial details that you’ll need to know about if you’re expanding into these countries.

In this webinar, Tristan Chiappini of PPRO and Neeraj Gupta of Vantiv will discuss:

  • the market possibilities for e-commerce merchants and PSPs in North America and Oceania
  • the differences these markets bring
  • the global rise of APMs and
  • why this is a paradigm shift for North American merchants who have always relied on credit cards
  • the trends in the US market and what merchants need from their PSP partners

Speakers & Panelists

Melisande Mual, Managing Director, Publisher The Paypers
Melisande Mual (Moderator)

Managing Director, Publisher, The Paypers

Tristan Chiappini, Head of Account Management, Payment Services, PPRO Group
Tristan Chiappini (Presenter & Panelist)

Head of Account Management, Payment Services, PPRO Group

Patricia Bateson, Vice President Mobile POS, MasterCard
Neeraj Gupta (Presenter & Panelist)

Leader, Product Management, Vantiv