MPE 2021 / 22-25 Feb 2021

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[WEBINAR] Successful strategies for e-commerce and online payment acceptance in Asia

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E-commerce in Asia is flourishing – with $770 billion in online transactions annually and the highest e-commerce sales of any region, Asia is leading the world. And over the next 5 years, Asian e-commerce will be the main growth area for online retail.

To succeed in Asian markets, e-commerce providers need to understand local cultures, market conditions, and payment preferences.

In this webinar, in just 60 minutes, experts in e-commerce and the Asian markets will present strategies for successful online payment acceptance for companies who want to expand their e-commerce business into Asia.

Key Insights will be presented by market experts & Global payment providers: Tristan Chiappini, Head of Account Management, Payment Services, PPRO Group Payment Professionals, Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop and moderated by Volker Schloenvoigt, Director at Edgar, Dunn & Company..

Presented and supported by PPRO Group Payment Professionals and hosted by Empiria Group, the organiser of “Merchant Payments Ecosystem” conference and exhibition.

Speakers & Panelists

Volker Schloenvoigt, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company
Volker Schloenvoigt (Moderator)

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Marcelo Souhami, Senior Director of Sales, Mobeewave
Tristan Chiappini (Presenter & Panelist)

Head of Account Management, Payment Services, PPRO Group

Patricia Bateson, Vice President Mobile POS, MasterCard
Ralf Gladis (Presenter & Panelist)

Founder & CEO, Computop