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[WEBINAR] E-commerce trends in Middle East and Africa

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Are you considering entering e-commerce in Middle East and Africa? What you should know before you jumping into payment acceptance in the region?

The Middle East with its $15.6 billion e-commerce market is the smallest of all the global regional markets. However, with a dynamic, young population, one of the highest global per capita Internet and mobile penetration levels and the recent acquisition of (e-commerce local leader) by Amazon, the region presents a tempting prospect for many e-commerce players in next 5 years.

Over 1 billion potential African customers, growing middle class and shift towards online trade, pave the wave for African and cross border e-commerce. McKinsey projected that e-commerce will be worth $75 billion in Africa’s leading economies by 2025.

However, Africa currently faces many of the challenges, like low credit card penetration and the preference of cash on delivery that International e-commerce merchants and payment providers have already overcome in many Middle Eastern markets.

Moreover, poor infrastructure, underdeveloped logistics and problems with international bank transfer are hindering e-commerce adoption in many African countries.

Middle East (ME) & Africa’s E-commerce markets are growing at an unprecedented rate and payment providers must understand diverse e-commerce opportunities and challenges specific for each country of the region. Join this webinar to learn about:

Current State of E-commerce payments in ME&Africa region

  • B2C leading payment methods
  • P2P payments - key to underbanked/unbanked
  • Mobile money and the need for interoperability

Future E-commerce Payments’ Opportunities in ME&Africa

  • Innovation key, this region seen as 2nd for payments innovation behind AP region
  • Opportunity to build without legacy systems
  • Regulator’s involvement: good and bad
  • Payment remittance

Speakers & Panelists

Alex Rolfe, Managing Director, PaymentsCM
Alex Rolfe (Moderator)

Managing Director, PaymentsCM

Richard Harrison, Partner Development Manager, PPRO Group
Richard Harrison (Presenter & Panelist)

Partner Development Manager, PPRO Group

Andy Veitch, Associate, Accourt
Andy Veitch (Presenter & Panelist)

Associate, Accourt