MPE 2021 / 22-25 Feb 2021

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[WEBINAR] Western Europe: Successful payment & e-commerce strategies

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Western Europe is one of the world’s most prosperous regions and one of its most lucrative e-commerce markets. From Portugal in the South to Norway in the North, market conditions, payment preferences, and local challenges vary widely. But all of the markets covered in this report offer rich rewards to any company that has something to sell which Western Europeans want to buy. Richard Harrison from PPRO will dive into some obvious and less obvious Western European countries, individual payment methods and payment preferences and will also look into e-commerce growth rates, stats and figures.

The roll-out of PSD2 brings in new opportunities for digital payments. One area is receivables. The volume of overdue payments in Western Europe has grown steadily in the last decade to trillions of Euros, but few organisations are investing enough in innovating their processes. Advancements in technology and changes in consumer behaviour have created a need for frictionless payments. Steve Emecz from collectAI will demonstrate ways to get there in his webinar part of “PSD2 and how digitisation in receivables enables frictionless payments.”

Speakers & Panelists

Mark Beresford, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company
Mark Beresford (Moderator)

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Richard Harrison, Partner Development Manager, PPRO Group
Richard Harrison (Presenter & Panelist)

Partner Development Manager, PPRO Group

Steve Emecz, CCO, collectAI
Steve Emecz (Presenter & Panelist)

CCO, collectAI

Steve Emecz, CCO, collectAI
Ralf Ohlhausen (Panelist)

Business Development Director, PPRO Group