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[FREE WEBINAR] GDPR: A Merchant’s Perspective

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There are many different types of merchants each with unique set of business requirements for using consumer data. The GDPR’ requirements can be quite dazzling, especially in the payment landscape where merchants transfer data to many third parties like PSPs and acquirers. What is the role of the merchant in this and would different PSP solutions have an impact? How do PSPs, acquirers and the schemes position themselves in this field?

Security and management of data overall can be especially complicated for merchants. This becomes even more apparent with the evolution of open banking.

Apart from getting GDPR compliant, there is a second wave of GDPR related activities that is about to emerge, and the implications are expected to outweigh the first wave. Merchants want to turn their consumer databases into an asset that will help increase sales revenue and build a stronger customer relationship based on trust.

Join us in this webinar to hear from industry experts on above topics.

Speakers & Panelists

Nadja van der Veer, Co-Founder / Payments Lawyer, PaymentCounsel
Nadja van der Veer (Moderator)

Co-Founder / Payments Lawyer,

Mark Beresford, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company
Mark Beresford

Edgar, Dunn & Company

Tatiana Rozoum, Co-founder, FINTECTURE
Tatiana Rozoum


Tudor Nistor, Payments, FinTech Lawyer, Tudor Nistor Payments Law Office
Tudor Nistor

Payments, FinTech Lawyer,
Tudor Nistor Payments Law Office