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Three Payment Tips To Increase Reach with Your Platform

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Expanding business? Want access to more customers? (Of course you do.) We’ve got three high-impact solutions that will help. But there’s the bad news: we’re only sharing them at this webinar. The good news is that you can tune in and learn what to do – even if you’ve perhaps got a small team – to expand into new markets and accelerate your growth:

- How to make transactions easier for global buyers
- How to make seller easier for foreign sellers
- How to establish your business to minimize risk and fees

Matt Jackson from leading local payments platform PPRO and Scott Blum from the online marketplace payments provider Yapstone will share their insights with you on November 14th 2019 at 4pm CEST. Register now!

Speakers & Panelists

Alan Moss, Head of Fintech & Payments, BlueSpecs
Alan Moss (Moderator)

Head of Fintech & Payments,

Matt Jackson, Partner Manager, PPRO Group
Matt Jackson

Partner Manager,
PPRO Group

Scott Blum, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Yapstone
Scott Blum

Vice President of Marketing and Sales,