MPE 2021 / 22-25 Feb 2021

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Key Ingredients to a Successful mPOS Solutions in 2014

The webinar is a part of series of supportive initiatives to the mPOS World conference, outlining the importance of this topic for merchants and their POS and payment providers in 2014.

Major market observers predict a bright future for mPOS market in 2014-2019. But there are still many issues & challenges impacting business models of mPOS providers. Just to name one of the most critical: positive mPOS ROI is not guaranteed even though mobile POS and adoption by merchants is growing. One of the reasons is that mPOS providers servicing micro merchants face razor thin revenues. To address the profitability challenge, most of micro merchants mPOS providers have started to service also larger merchants in 2013/2014. This move will probably force traditional card acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and cash register providers to introduce their own mPOS solutions to the market in 2014/2015.

At this webinar you will learn that business models of mPOS providers are quickly changing and if you want to stay profitable in this business you need to understand the key ingredients to a successful mPOS solutions.

By listening this webinar you will get in just 60 minutes a Global snapshot of:

  • Changes in business models and price schemes of mPOS providers in 2014 (in comparison to 2012/13
  • Business segments that afford the greatest opportunities
  • New use cases and new mPOS features in 2014 (Apps, VAS, HW/SW packages, service and support, etc.)
  • Significant differences between the emerging markets, EU and the US
  • Real-world examples, best practices and lessons learned from deploying mPOS solutions

Speakers & Panelists

Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Thad Peterson (Moderator & Presenter)

Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Jean-Marc Thienpont, EVP Mobile Payment, Ingenico
Jean-Marc Thienpont (Presenter)

EVP Mobile Payment, Ingenico

Stefano Calderano, Angel Investor & CEO, JUSP
Stefano Calderano (Presenter)

Angel Investor & CEO, JUSP