MPE 2021 / 22-25 Feb 2021

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mPOS Opportunities and Challenges

The webinar is a part of series of supportive briefing materials to the MPE conference, outlining the importance of this topic for merchants and their payment providers in 2013.

Approximately 75% of the estimated 1.2 million mPOS solutions were shipped to MasterCard merchants globally, throughout 2010 and2011, went to merchants who did not previously accept payment card transactions. (MasterCard, 2012).

2012 was the year when first mPOS new solutions were launched in Europe by innovative start-ups as well as by few established players mostly in Western Europe.

In 2013 we expect to see a massive wave of new mPOS offerings across the Europe for different merchant segments.

However, new mPOS opportunities are bringing new challenges for all players along the whole value chain.

By listening this webinar you will get in just 60 minutes a Global snapshot of:

  • Why is “mobile” – and especially the smartphone – relevant to financial services?
  • What is the overall mobile payment landscape – and where does mPOS fit in?
  • Master merchant account structure & card scheme rules
  • Key Players and functionalities, benefits, technical features and peripherals
  • mPoS VAS: reward/loyalty, analytics and reporting, etc.
  • mPoS security: risk and fraud prevention
  • Competitors offerings – It’s not just mPoS
  • Interview with Elavon and Q&A

Speakers & Panelists

John Berns, MD, Accourt
John Berns (Moderator & Presenter)

MD, Accourt

Paul Clarke, Head of International Product Portfolio, Elavon Merchant Services
Paul Clarke (Presenter)

Head of International Product Portfolio, Elavon Merchant Services