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[FREE WEBINAR] Travel Payments in Europe

Local payments for a global industry

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Consumers can experience so much — new ideas, cultures and places — virtually. Yet the market for real-world, physical travel is still growing. Unsurprisingly, more and more of this is booked online. So, how has the travel industry managed to sustain growth and stay relevant in a shrinking world? And what can other industries learn from their example?

In our live webinar, we give insights in payments and a highly interesting travel industry. Matt Jackson from PPRO will give an overview about local payments, their impact on businesses in Europe and how to manage the complexity nowadays. Wilhelm Hamilton from Klarna will then dive deeper into the travel industry, their specific needs when it comes to payments and tips and tricks about how to overcome any kind of hurdles...

Speakers & Panelists

Andrew Whitcombe, Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion
Andrew Whitcombe (Moderator)

Principal Consultant,
Consult Hyperion

Matt Jackson, Partner Manager, PPRO Group
Matt Jackson

Partner Manager,
PPRO Group

Wilhelm Hamilton, Senior Commercial Manager, Klarna
Wilhelm Hamilton

Senior Commercial Manager,