[WEBINAR] PSD2 and beyond: From imagining the future to filling in the gaps

Over the last few years, regulations took center-stage to protect online consumer transactions and the payments ecosystem largely fell in line with these requirements. But how effective are regulations, such as PSD2, in improving consumer safety and how are businesses adapting?

Research shows that payments success is strongly enabled by technology and data: the next logical step in PSD2 evolution is for payments companies to take the driver’s seat and innovate on the consumer’s behalf by leveraging smarter data mining in their business logic.

In this session, we’ll share a first look at the latest research conducted in partnership with Allyiz: perceptions of PSD2 progress across the payment value chain, updates on authorisation rate impact across European countries and shifts in recent fraud trends.

Speakers & Panelists

Alan Moss


MD Europe for Western Europe

Newland Payment Technology

Daniel Belda

Director of Market Strategy – Payments