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2020: SPEAK @ MPE

#psd2 and SCA are surely on the top of the agenda with keynotes on day 1 of #mpecosystem.

Listen to Martin Sweeney's view on how regulation affects the fraud level vs user experiences across different EU countries.

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Since #mpecosystem connects the whole payment value chain, our next speaker to be announced comes from the opposite side of the river:

Welcome Steven Bisoffi,Payments Specialist at the Payment Systems Regulator.

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Do you remember #mpecosystem ’ s best speakers? 

One of them was Amit Kurseja, Head of External Payments, Amazon Pay India who delivered a presentation on the status of Mobile and Ecommerce payments in India.

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Upcoming webinars

The MPE provides complimentary webinars to the community of Merchant Payment Ecosystem professionals to help them navigate the complexity of challenges connected with in-store, online & mobile payment acceptance, and law enforcement in Europe and beyond. Register & Join us for the upcoming webinars. Once register, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about participation.

Global payments made easy: Three Payment Tips To Increase Reach with Your Platform

So, you want to become a global leader with your platform or marketplace but don’t have minions to do your bidding? And you are also not sure about the local payment options you should take into consideration to not miss out on opportunities? Fear not, we will provide you three important tips that you can use to "take over the world" or at least expand to another country or two. This webinar will provide you with tips on what you need to consider as you expand your empire.

Past webinars

Key trends and insights on Merchant Payments 2019/2020

Aite Group will cover the latest technologies and trends in merchant payment acceptance, checkout and conversion, fraud and security, and the customer shopping experience. Worldpay will provide a brief on the state of affairs around the implementation of SCA and the solutions that are available to merchants to manage the transition successfully.

Travel Payments in Europe: Local payments for a global industry

In this webinar, you will insights about payments in a highly interesting travel industry. Matt Jackson from PPRO will give an overview about local payments, their impact on businesses in Europe. Wilhelm Hamilton from Klarna will then dive deeper into the travel industry, their specific needs when it comes to payments and tips and tricks about how to overcome any kind of hurdles...

GDPR: A Merchant’s Perspective

There are many different types of merchants each with unique set of business requirements for using consumer data. The GDPR’ requirements can be quite dazzling, especially in the payment landscape where merchants transfer data to many third parties like PSPs and acquirers.

Make or buy? How PSPs can extend their offering from online to POS and omnichannel payment

Dangerous times for PSPs: Retail customers are investing in omnichannel solutions. They often use different PSPs for POS and online payments and also for different countries. When implementing omnichannel strategies merchants need to consolidate their PSP landscape and use one PSP for all channels?

GDPR in Financial Services: The World of Controllers or Processors?

The webinar will share some light on the hate-love affair between PSD2 and GDPR and how these two new legislations should work jointly.

The real revolution in payments will be real-time payments

This webinar, as a supportive initiative to the MPE 2019, will explain how the move to real-time payments will likely be the next major move in payments.

Is Europe on the way to Open or Close Banking?

This webinar is a part of series of supportive initiatives to the MPE 2019 conference & exhibition, outlining the importance and complexity of B2C payments for merchant payments acceptance professionals.

Festival of Online Payments webinar series

At MPE 2017, the leading merchant payment acceptance conference in Europe, The Festival of Online Payment Methods (Festival of Online Payments) has been introduced. It was organized as a full conference track featuring the leading European payments networks.

Based on the positive feedback MPE created a NEW Series of Webinars: “Festival of Online Payments”.

Six Webinar editions will provide ongoing education, first-hand information and current benchmarking in area of online and mobile payments from different Global regions.

Latin America: Successful payment & e-commerce strategies

This webinar will look at the state of e-commerce in the region. Focusing on six key markets which together account for more than 95% of LatAm e-commerce turnover, it will give you the insights you need to understand this fast-developing online market.

Western Europe: Successful payment & e-commerce strategies

PPRO and collectAI shall present a snapshot of the state of e-commerce in Western Europe covering 12 biggest markets in the region.

E-commerce trends in Middle East and Africa

PPRO and Accourt experts will explain current e-commerce state across the ME&A market. What are the challenges of doing business in each of ME & Africa’s different nations and what the future holds for ME&A e-commerce market.

E-commerce trends in Eastern Europe

In the webinar Eastern European market experts from PPRO and Coinbase will provide market insights for everyone assessing Eastern Europe market opportunity.

Successful strategies for e-commerce and online payment acceptance in Asia

In this webinar, experts in e-commerce and the Asian markets will present strategies for successful online payment acceptance for companies who want to expand their e-commerce business into Asia.

Beyond the credit card: Successful strategies for e-commerce in North America and Oceania

PPRO and Vantiv experts will explain the global rise of APMs and why this is a paradigm-shift for American merchants, as well as “how to expand” the e-commerce business into North America and Oceania.

The Webinar Series: Festival of Online Payments was sponsored by:

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Are you sure your NFC mPOS strategy is adequate?

The payment ecosystem worldwide is struggling to cut through the mPOS hype. Major market observers predicted a bright future for the mPOS market. Will mPOS proliferate in face of hurdles it is currently facing?

Key Ingredients to a Succesful mPOS Solutions in 2014

At this webinar you will learn that business models of mPOS providers are quickly changing and if you want to stay profitable in this business you need to understand the key ingredients to a successful mPOS solutions

mPOS Adoption & Implementation in Asia, Europe and the US

This webinar is a part of series of supportive initiatives to the MPE conference, outlining the importance of this topic for merchants and their payment providers in 2013

mPOS Opportunities & Challenges

Approximately 75% of the estimated 1.2 million mPOS solutions were shipped to MasterCard merchants globally, throughout 2010 and2011, went to merchants who did not previously accept payment card transactions

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Strategic discussion - Open discussion on trends influencing MPE in 2019

Strategic panel discussion - Conference outcomes

Rigo Van den Broeck, SVP, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Europe Mastercard

Enhancing TRUST: the REAL currency of commerce


REPORT: PSD2/SCA after September 14th

SCA transition plans across Europe & industry perspectives

In viewof the complexity of the enforcement, on June 21, 2019 the European Banking Authority (EBA) granted national Authorities the possibility to postpone the 14th September deadline in order to allow the implementation of new authentication tools by all customers, with exclusive reference to the online card payments.

This report provides the LIST of NATIONAL AUTHORITIES that used the opportunity TO POSTPONE THE SCA DEADLINE and INTERVIEWS with various industry stakeholders AFTER the SCA implementation deadline.

MPE 2019 REPORT: Collaborating to Realize Next-Generation Payments

MPE & Aite Group present the REPORT summarising the key themes from MPE 2019, The leading European payment acceptance conference in Berlin, Feb 19-21. This unique report sheds the light on major themes presented at MPE 2019:

  • Next-generation POS
  • The new world of PSD2 and open banking
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Combating fraud and friction at the checkout
  • Acquiring 2.0

MPE 2019 report, sponsored by Barclaycard, will guide you through over 140 presentations, panels, and discussions with conference participants as well as existing Aite Group research and market intelligence in payment acceptance.

Briefing Materials

Briefing materials that are listed below were prepared by the team of Empiria Group and serve as supportive materials to topics which will be further discussed at the “Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) event.

All briefing materials outline the importance of featured topics and challenges for merchants and their POS and payment providers.

The widgets below will take you to the description of each of the briefs where you can also request your complimentary copies…

Rich Merchant Services 3.0 brief

This brief further monitors recent announcements of innovative merchant payment and POS providers

Rich Merchant Services 2.0 brief

This document is the latest piece from the edition of our successful materials exploring major topics of the MPE event

Rich Merchant Services brief

“Rich Merchant Services” covers a new generation of services designed to improve the interaction with consumers and to streamline merchant business operations

Interaction Beyond Payments brief

Why “Interaction Beyond Payments” is important for merchants and their payment providers?

mPOS Brief

Document contains examples of innovative mPOS approaches and implementations of emerging and established mPOS service providers

Global Map of mPOS Providers

The most comprehensive industry overview of mPOS providers

POSitivity Magazine

POSitivity magazine brings you a selected combination of aggregated and proprietary industry news from the merchant payments area. The magazine is being issued monthly. We carefully prepare the content and present it to you in a digestible format and in visuals that are both appealing and easy to read. You can enjoy the content both on desktops and mobile devices alike, whether online or offline.

The magazine is delivered as a digital copy and you are notified each time a new issue comes out along with a direct download link.

Global Map of mPOS providers

The most comprehensive industry overview of mPOS providers. The interactive map monitors the increasing complexity of mPOS ecosystem listing players coming in from different sectors around the Globe.