There are two modules in this section. The first module gives a comprehensive overview of how the card payments ecosystem works, its actors and models. The second module examines the various roles and requirements, explain the money flows, as well as giving a worldwide overview of the markets and trends in different sectors and geographies.

Payments 101 - Part 1 - Card Payments Mechanics

Payments 101 - Part 2 - Card Payments Economics


Upcoming webinars

The MPE provides complimentary webinars to the community of Merchant Payment Ecosystem professionals to help them navigate the complexity of challenges connected with in-store, online & mobile payment acceptance, and law enforcement in Europe and beyond. Register & Join us for the upcoming webinars. Once register, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about participation.

Merchant Onboarding: Make Faster and Smarter Decisions

Brazil hot trends: The boost of e-commerce and instant payments (Pix)

Past webinars

Checkout and Conversion in Emerging markets

Build better checkout experiences with open banking

How smaller businesses can leverage marketplaces as a platform for growth

Know Your Risk. Always. How to Trust Your Fraud Prevention Data to Maximise Conversions?

Fulfill Your Cross-Border Destiny in 2021: Three In-Market Experts discuss the New Normal

No longer alternative: the future of local payment methods is here!

The marketplace model: Added value or an economic recovery mechanism?

The Local Checkout Experience: An eCommerce Blueprint For Increased Cross-Border Sales, and a deep dive with M-Pesa in Africa

SRC and Network Tokenization as upcoming technologies to improve the checkout experience

PSD2 Acquirer Exemptions and Delegated Authentication

Payments in a time of social distancing

PSD2 SCA: What is new in 3DS 2.2 and how to implement a seamless experience in merchant apps

PSD2: How machine learning can help PSPs to meet modern consumers’ digital demands

Payments in Mobility & Vending – Digital integration of cashless payments

PSD2 SCA: How Merchants and Payment Providers Can Maximize Acceptance - Learnings from interviews of 36 European Acquirers/PSPs

The New Landscape of Payments: The Rise of Pre-Authorization Risk Assessment

Global payments made easy: Three Payment Tips To Increase Reach with Your Platform

Key trends and insights on Merchant Payments 2019/2020

Travel Payments in Europe: Local payments for a global industry

GDPR: A Merchant’s Perspective

Make or buy? How PSPs can extend their offering from online to POS and omnichannel payment

GDPR in Financial Services: The World of Controllers or Processors?

The real revolution in payments will be real-time payments

Is Europe on the way to Open or Close Banking?

Festival of Online Payments webinar series

At MPE 2017, the leading merchant payment acceptance conference in Europe, The Festival of Online Payment Methods (Festival of Online Payments) has been introduced. It was organized as a full conference track featuring the leading European payments networks.

Based on the positive feedback MPE created a NEW Series of Webinars: “Festival of Online Payments”.

Six Webinar editions will provide ongoing education, first-hand information and current benchmarking in area of online and mobile payments from different Global regions.

Latin America: Successful payment & e-commerce strategies

Western Europe: Successful payment & e-commerce strategies

E-commerce trends in Middle East and Africa

E-commerce trends in Eastern Europe

Successful strategies for e-commerce and online payment acceptance in Asia

Beyond the credit card: Successful strategies for e-commerce in North America and Oceania

The Webinar Series: Festival of Online Payments was sponsored by:

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Are you sure your NFC mPOS strategy is adequate?

Key Ingredients to a Succesful mPOS Solutions in 2014

mPOS Adoption & Implementation in Asia, Europe and the US

mPOS Opportunities & Challenges

MPE Podcasts

#4 Talent Management Challenges in Payments

#3 A Match Made in… Berlin

#2 Data Driven Innovation in Merchant Payments

#1 Success stories of start-ups that originated at MPE conference

MPE Presentations & Agendas

MPE 2020 presentations

Presentations from MPE 2020 event

MPE 2020 agenda

Agenda from MPE 2020 event

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Presentations from MPE 2019 event

MPE 2019 agenda

Agenda from MPE 2019 event

MPE 2018 presentations

Presentations from MPE 2018 event

MPE 2018 agenda

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Presentations from MPE 2017 event

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Agenda from MPE 2016 event

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Presentations from MPE 2015 event

MPE 2015 agenda

Agenda from MPE 2015 event

MPE Video Library

MPE 2020 - Day 1 Summary

MPE 2020 - Day 2 Summary

MPE 2020 - Day 3 Summary

Reports and Briefing Materials

Briefing materials that are listed below were prepared by the team of Empiria Group and serve as supportive materials to topics which will be further discussed at the “Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) event.

All briefing materials outline the importance of featured topics and challenges for merchants and their POS and payment providers.

The widgets below will take you to the description of each of the briefs where you can also request your complimentary copies…

REPORT: MPE 2020: Creating Value Through Payments Innovation

REPORT: PSD2/SCA after September 14th

MPE 2019 REPORT: Collaborating to Realize Next-Generation Payments

Rich Merchant Services 3.0 brief

Rich Merchant Services 2.0 brief

Rich Merchant Services brief

Interaction Beyond Payments brief

mPOS Brief

Global Map of mPOS Providers

POSitivity Magazine

POSitivity magazine brings you a selected combination of aggregated and proprietary industry news from the merchant payments area. The magazine is being issued quarterly. We carefully prepare the content and present it to you in a digestible format and in visuals that are both appealing and easy to read. You can enjoy the content both on desktops and mobile devices alike, whether online or offline.

The magazine is delivered as a digital copy and you are notified each time a new issue comes out along with a direct download link.