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Welcome to the MPE Awards

The only European Awards recognizing top European merchant payments acceptance companies and their achievements.

The 2019 edition of MPE Awards is over, we are currently preparing the 2020 edition. Details to be shared soon......stay tuned!

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Judge's Choice Awards

- featuring 11 Categories
Winners of the Judge’s Choice Award will be selected by the panel of independent expert judges.


  • Best Acquirer / Processor of the Year Award
  • Best PSP Award


  • Best On-Boarding Process/Solution Award
  • Best ID, SECURITY & ANTI-FRAUD Solution Award
  • Best POS Innovation/POS software Payment Applications Award
  • Best Alternative Payment Solution Award
  • Best International/Cross Border Payment Solution Award
  • Best Merchant Payments Partnership Award
  • Best Data Analytics & Science Award
  • Best Merchant Payment Implementation/Process Award

The nominations are now CLOSED.

Thank you for those who participated! We are counting up the scores.

People’s Choice Award

- featuring 1 Category (MPE Influencer of the Year)
The winner will be determined via public online voting.

The nominations are now CLOSED.

Thank you for those who participated! We are counting up the scores.

MPE Awards - Public vote

CATEGORY: Influencer of the Year

“MPE Influencer of the Year” Award will go to the most influential payment provider for the significant contribution to the growth and development of the merchant payments industry during the last year.

... and the winner is

MPE Awards 2019 Shortlisted & Winners

This Award will go to the outstanding Acquirer who has developed an excellent acquiring service for merchants throughout Europe.

Shortlisted parties

EVO Payments International
myPOS Europe

... and the winner is

This Award will go to the PSP who offers the best and most efficient mix of payment options and/or providing the best overall service to its customers and/or supports merchants’ omni-channel payments strategy – the availability of all payment options in any channel.

Shortlisted parties


... and the winner is

Goes to payment providers for customer-focused on-boarding process/solution meeting merchant demand for fast & convenient on-boarding.

Shortlisted parties

Technologi Worldwide
Web Shield

... and the winner is

Goes to the provider, who has the best performing security system, Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution as expressed by merchant satisfaction, fraud & chargeback rates or security breaches.

Shortlisted parties


... and the winner is

Goes to provider for best use of integrated POS / Smart POS / Mobile POS solutions to merchants and/or SMB helping them to accept payments, improve business results with value added services and revolutionise the customer shopping experience in-store.

Shortlisted parties

myPOS Europe

... and the winner is

Provider or solution that most effectively facilitates merchant payment payment transactions without requiring the consumer to directly use a payment card, i.e. methods like OBeP, open and closed wallets, cryptocurrency payments, in-app payments, direct-carrier billing, etc.

Shortlisted parties

Garanti Payment Systems
Banking Circle

... and the winner is

Goes to the provider who did set-up the best offer, programme, or system, to service international merchants.

Shortlisted parties

Banking Circle
ACI Worldwide

... and the winner is

Best enhancement or design/ development of payment product/ solution/service prepared through acquisition, collaboration and, or partnerships by and between payment technology providers, payment companies, merchants and POS solution providers.

Shortlisted parties

Intesa Sanpaolo

... and the winner is

Goes to the provider for Best Data Management and Infrastructure; Best Use of Data in a Merchant payment Product or Service delivery and Best advanced analytics & Data Science, Goes to the organisation which has shown how data can be turned into actionable information (insight) for the customer. It is speci cally targeted at increasing the e ectiveness of marketing campaigns (and/or customer retention) and creating an opportunity to enhance customer loyalty.

Shortlisted parties

Nets Group
Barclaycard Payment Solutions

... and the winner is

Goes to the Merchant for best payment process/implementation supporting seamless digital customer experience, online, in-store or mobile.

Shortlisted parties


... and the winner is

This Award will go to the winner of the Innovation Corner competition for the most innovative start-up company in Merchant Payments Ecosystem.

Shortlisted parties


... and the winner is

This Award will go to the most influential payment provider for the significant contribution to the growth and development of the merchant payments industry during the last year.

... and the winner is

MPE Awards 2019 Judges

Mark McMurtrie, Director, Payments Consultancy Ltd

Mark McMurtrie

Director, Payments Consultancy Ltd

Pascal Dufour, Managing Director, RubiCard

Pascal Dufour

Managing Director, RubiCard

Leon Dhaene, Chairman, N2FINANCE

Leon Dhaene

Chairman, N2FINANCE

Roger Alexander, NED, Valitor

Roger Alexander

NED, Valitor

Alex Rolfe, MD, Payments Cards and Mobile

Alex Rolfe

MD, Payments Cards and Mobile

David Parker, CEO, Polymath Consulting

David Parker

CEO, Polymath Consulting

Melisande Mual, MD, The Paypers

Melisande Mual

MD, The Paypers

Diderik Schonheyder, Consultant, Schonheyder & Associates

Diderik Schonheyder

Consultant, Schonheyder & Associates

Volker Schlönvoigt, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Volker Schlönvoigt

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Janusz Diemko, CEO, Polski ePlatnosci

Janusz Diemko

CEO, Polski ePlatnosci


You can enter the contest until January 31, 2019.

Important note: Contestants enrolling for the Innovation Corner at MPE, aspiring to win the „MPE Innovator of the Year“ award, should submit their entries also until February 3, 2019. Also, their submission process and overall management differs from the rest of the award categories. Please refer to the MPE Innovation Corner section to see the steps and eligibility to enter.
Any company qualifying as part of the payment acceptance value chain worldwide.
Anybody working as part of a team or department responsible for a particular solution/service (one to become a subject of the entry), a marketing, communication or PR specialist whom has been appointed this task or who is generally responsible for awards submissions.
The sole process of sending the application is done via an online form and is thoroughly described in the next section as well as the steps you need to do before you actually submit anything.
You can enter maximum of three categories.
Yes, you can enter the same category/categories with the same or different product/service. You can also enter category/categories you have not attended before with a product/service you have previously used. However, if you previously won any of the categories, please also refer to the next point.
Definitely, the only condition here is that you cannot enter neither the same nor the rest of the categories with the same product/service you won with previously. However, you can enter the same category you won previously with a different product/service.
MPE Awards is very prestigious and unique in its concept. Therefore, you should carefully consider your choice. The awards ceremony traditionally takes place on the second night of the three day conference. Since the conference itself is attended by senior representatives, there is a pretty good chance you already have the right person on spot. As winning parties are notified several days prior to the ceremony, you will have enough time to appoint the proper member of your crew to pick up your prize. If you won the „Acquiring Personality of the Year“ category, well, it is your call to take what is yours :-)
Recognition and prestige. You being the winner, it is our commitment to make sure your name is spelled in the organizer.
The major card and payments acceptance media after the conference. A separate PR campaign utilizing the world-class media distribution companies follows your success hand-in-hand with social media coverage performed by us.
We do not hand out laser-engraved glass or „wannabe Oscars“. Instead, we have chosen to engage a highly skilled artists to create a unique statuette just for the purpose of these awards.

Three times in a row, Sofie Muller, an internationally recognized Belgian sculptor, shaped and casted a series of ten „Guiding Hand“ statuettes, one for each of the award categories ranging from 2010 – 2012. Each such piece, beside the symbolic value for the winning company or individual, represents also an individual piece of art of true collector value. Moreover, the statuettes‘ artistic value rises as soon as they are in the company of other „Guiding Hands“ from previous/future series. Therefore, winners possessing not one several but several of these valuable pieces (individual artists may change over the years to come) should really keep their cabinet locked well ;) Sofie‘s work as the creator of the MPE Awards statuettes ended with the making of the third statuette in 2012.

A new artist, Slovak sculptor Peter Krupa, has accepted the challenge to materialize his „Guiding Hand“ idea for the year 2013, bringing metal to the forefront of the design.

As of 2014 a Croatian artist Gordana Turuk created her new organic glass and gold plated statuette to please the eye of the winners…

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