[WEBINAR] A Day in the Life of a Deep Web Fraudster

Very often when discussing fraud, we focus on the impact on businesses and end users rather than the criminals responsible. In this webinar, we change perspective and uncover how a typical deep web fraudster runs their business. From the selection criteria used by fraudsters to target companies, to how they competitively advertise and build trusted relationships with their customers, in order to establish a reputation and grow and repeat business on the deep web.

Join our webinar to learn more about a typical day in the life of a fraudster operating on the deep web, including:

- How fraudsters use the deep web
- Real life examples across a range of industries including cryptocurrency, ecommerce, travel…
- How this activity feeds into the wider fraud economy
- How fraudsters communicate using forums like Telegram

Speakers & Panelists

Alan Moss


MD Europe for Western Europe

Newland Payment Technology

Brittany Allen

Trust & Safety Architect