mpe awards 2024 entry submission

DO NOT try submitting your entry before you have downloaded and reviewed the associated mpe 2024 awards brochure. It provides you with a complete overview of the awards process, specific requirements and data for each of the categories


The form below requires you to enter the whereabouts of the company applying for the awards and the company representative responsible for information entry and submission. The details provided in this form may be used by the awards committee to contact you back in case of insufficient or indeterminate information. Also, should you get shortlisted in the selected award category, you will be contacted for further procedure.

All fields in the form are mandatory. Only use corporate email addresses for submitting your company information. Entries coming from freemail addresses will not be considered.

Company details:

Personal details of the person to manage the entry process:

Instructions for entrants:

- For the seamless awards submission, please us Google Chrome browser
- You can enter max 3 entries / submission
- Please note that copying & pasting from one category to another is not looked upon favourably by the judges
- Text limit: 2500 characters (approximately 500 words) or less per criteria
- Upload additional evidence such as case studies (max 2), videos (max 2 URL), performance stats. (max 1 page Doc.), to support your entry. Preferred format of these documents is PDF and you can upload several of these files as soon as they are zipped together into one .zip file
- All fields are mandatory

Category details:

I understand the information sent via this form will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and will serve as basis for considering my company as a candidate for the MPE Awards. I hereby agree with submitting the information in the form above.