MPE 2021 Speakers

Andrew Mortland,Vice President of Product and Decision Sciences ,Accertify

Andrew Mortland

Vice President of Product and Decision Sciences , Accertify

Arnaud Crouzet,Vice President Consulting, Payment and Smart Mobility,Fime

Arnaud Crouzet

Vice President Consulting, Payment and Smart Mobility, Fime

Benny Tadele,Vice President Merchant Solutions,ACI Worldwide

Benny Tadele

Vice President Merchant Solutions, ACI Worldwide

Jeremy King,Regional Head for Europe,PCI Security Standards

Jeremy King

Regional Head for Europe, PCI Security Standards

Louise Garratt,Sr. Manager, International Consumer Payments, Enterprise Consumer Payments,The Walt Disney Company

Louise Garratt

Sr. Manager, International Consumer Payments, Enterprise Consumer Payments, The Walt Disney Company

Milos Dunjic,AVP & Distinguished Engineer, Payments Technology Innovation,TD

Milos Dunjic

AVP & Distinguished Engineer, Payments Technology Innovation, TD

Oscar Berglund,CEO,Trustly

Oscar Berglund

CEO, Trustly

 James Grainger,VP Commercial Partnerships, EMEA,

James Grainger

VP Commercial Partnerships, EMEA,

 Marc Van Puyvelde,DirectorMarket Product ManagementCyber ,Mastercard

Marc Van Puyvelde

Director Market Product Management Cyber , Mastercard

Ahmed Karsli,CEO,Papara

Ahmed Karsli

CEO, Papara

Alan Moss,Managing Director for Western Europe,Newland Payment Technology

Alan Moss

Managing Director for Western Europe, Newland Payment Technology

Albert Comas,VP - Product Development and Innovation,Mastercard

Albert Comas

VP - Product Development and Innovation, Mastercard

Alfredo Soria,Corporate Partnerships Fintech Europe at Plug and Play Tech Center,Plug and Play

Alfredo Soria

Corporate Partnerships Fintech Europe at Plug and Play Tech Center, Plug and Play

Ana Vuksanovikj-Vanevska,Senior Product Manager Payment Security,Netcetera

Ana Vuksanovikj-Vanevska

Senior Product Manager Payment Security, Netcetera

André Løvestam,CEO,Zwipe

André Løvestam

CEO, Zwipe

Axel Schaefer,Advisor - Payments,IKEA Group

Axel Schaefer

Advisor - Payments, IKEA Group

Chris Winter,Vice President, Global Acceptance,  EMEA,Discover Global Network

Chris Winter

Vice President, Global Acceptance, EMEA, Discover Global Network

Christine Bailey,Chief Marketing Officer,Valitor

Christine Bailey

Chief Marketing Officer, Valitor

Ciaran O'Malley,Vice President of Partnerships,Trustly

Ciaran O'Malley

Vice President of Partnerships, Trustly

Claire Maslen,Chief Marketing Officer,Consult Hyperion

Claire Maslen

Chief Marketing Officer, Consult Hyperion

Daniel Kornitzer,Chief Business Development Officer,Paysafe

Daniel Kornitzer

Chief Business Development Officer, Paysafe

David Birch,Director of Innovation,Consult Hyperion

David Birch

Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion

David Jeffrey,Director, Head of Product - Fraud and Security,Barclaycard

David Jeffrey

Director, Head of Product - Fraud and Security, Barclaycard

David Parker,CEO,Polymath Consulting

David Parker

CEO, Polymath Consulting

David Tax,Senior Manager, Payments Strategy & Innovation,TD

David Tax

Senior Manager, Payments Strategy & Innovation, TD

Derek Fattal,Senior Corporate Counsel,Bluesnap

Derek Fattal

Senior Corporate Counsel, Bluesnap

Ed Whitehead,Managing Director, Europe,Signifyd

Ed Whitehead

Managing Director, Europe, Signifyd

Edward Strycharczuk,Global Principal Product Manager,ING Payments Centre

Edward Strycharczuk

Global Principal Product Manager, ING Payments Centre

Elena Emelyanova,Senior Payments Manager,

Elena Emelyanova

Senior Payments Manager,

Eric Ducoulombier,Head of paymetns unit,European Commission

Eric Ducoulombier

Head of paymetns unit, European Commission

Faheem Bakshi,Head of Payments,Kinguin

Faheem Bakshi

Head of Payments, Kinguin

Fernand Collart,Director, Market Product Management, Cyber and Intelligence Solutions,Mastercard

Fernand Collart

Director, Market Product Management, Cyber and Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard

Florian Jensen,Global Fraud & Payments Director,Glovo

Florian Jensen

Global Fraud & Payments Director, Glovo

Floriane Gramlich,Director Product,Zalando

Floriane Gramlich

Director Product, Zalando

Frederic Mazurier,President,Market Pay (Carrefour Group)

Frederic Mazurier

President, Market Pay (Carrefour Group)

Frederik Hesse,Director, Business Development, European Acceptance and Acquiring Intelligence,Mastercard

Frederik Hesse

Director, Business Development, European Acceptance and Acquiring Intelligence, Mastercard

Gary Munro,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Gary Munro

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Geoffrey Barraclough,Head of Proposition,EVO Payments International

Geoffrey Barraclough

Head of Proposition, EVO Payments International

Houssem Assadi,CEO,dejamobile

Houssem Assadi

CEO, dejamobile

Isabelle Clairac,CEO,MarketPay  (Carrefour Group)

Isabelle Clairac

CEO, MarketPay (Carrefour Group)

James Booth,VP - Head of Partnerships, EMEA,PPRO

James Booth

VP - Head of Partnerships, EMEA, PPRO

Janusz Diemko,Payment consultant / angel investor,JD Payments Consulting

Janusz Diemko

Payment consultant / angel investor, JD Payments Consulting

Joel Van Arsdale,Managing Partner,Flagship Advisory Partners

Joel Van Arsdale

Managing Partner, Flagship Advisory Partners

John Snoek,Chief Product Officer,DOCOMO Digital

John Snoek

Chief Product Officer, DOCOMO Digital

Justin Gage,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Justin Gage

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Keren Aviasaf Migdal,Co-Founder & CEO,PaymentsOp

Keren Aviasaf Migdal

Co-Founder & CEO, PaymentsOp

Kevin Carson,Vice President, International Business Development,Freedompay

Kevin Carson

Vice President, International Business Development, Freedompay

Kurt Schmid,Marketing & Innovation Director Secure Digital Payments ,Netcetera

Kurt Schmid

Marketing & Innovation Director Secure Digital Payments , Netcetera

Lee Jones,Director of Sales GSV for Northern Europe,Ingenico, a Worldline brand

Lee Jones

Director of Sales GSV for Northern Europe, Ingenico, a Worldline brand

Liam Castagna,Head of Payments,Insparx

Liam Castagna

Head of Payments, Insparx

Lochan Sim,VP Partnerships & Strategic Sales,Payoneer

Lochan Sim

VP Partnerships & Strategic Sales, Payoneer

Marco Conte,Payments and Risk Consultant & Co-Founder,Payment Universe

Marco Conte

Payments and Risk Consultant & Co-Founder, Payment Universe

Maria Brumberg,Head of Payment ,PaymentsOp

Maria Brumberg

Head of Payment , PaymentsOp

Mark Beresford,Director,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Mark Beresford

Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Mark Waring,Senior Associate,The Strawhecker Group

Mark Waring

Senior Associate, The Strawhecker Group

Matt Jackson,Head of Partner Development for EMEA,PPRO

Matt Jackson

Head of Partner Development for EMEA, PPRO

Meirav Peled,Director of Partnerships,Riskified

Meirav Peled

Director of Partnerships, Riskified

Michel Drupsteen,Head of Mobile Payments,ING Payments Centre

Michel Drupsteen

Head of Mobile Payments, ING Payments Centre

Milena Shishkova,Senior Product Lead, Core Payments Group,

Milena Shishkova

Senior Product Lead, Core Payments Group,

Nabeel Moosa,Senior Product Manager, Group eCommerce,Nets

Nabeel Moosa

Senior Product Manager, Group eCommerce, Nets

Neil Smith,Director of Partnerships, EMEA ,Forter

Neil Smith

Director of Partnerships, EMEA , Forter

Neira Jones,Independent Advisor ,

Neira Jones

Independent Advisor ,

Nick Kerigan,Head of Innovation Execution,SWIFT

Nick Kerigan

Head of Innovation Execution, SWIFT

Niklaus Santschi,CEO,PAYONE

Niklaus Santschi


Nilixa Devlukia,Founder,Payments Solved

Nilixa Devlukia

Founder, Payments Solved

Ognjen Vlacina,Payment and Checkout Leader,IKEA South Europe

Ognjen Vlacina

Payment and Checkout Leader, IKEA South Europe

Omer Aljanati,Head of processing products,Credorax

Omer Aljanati

Head of processing products, Credorax

Paul Adams,International Payments Director,Barclaycard

Paul Adams

International Payments Director, Barclaycard

Paul Rodgers,Chairman,Vendorcom

Paul Rodgers

Chairman, Vendorcom

Peter Theunis,Co-Founder,Radar Payments by BPC

Peter Theunis

Co-Founder, Radar Payments by BPC

Petru Metzger,Principal Industry Consultant - Payments Strategy,Endava

Petru Metzger

Principal Industry Consultant - Payments Strategy, Endava

Ralf Gladis,Founder & CEO,Computop

Ralf Gladis

Founder & CEO, Computop

Ralph Piater-Frankenfeld,Country Manager | SVP Sales DACH,

Ralph Piater-Frankenfeld

Country Manager | SVP Sales DACH,

Reinout Temmerman,Payments Advisor,National Bank of Belgium

Reinout Temmerman

Payments Advisor, National Bank of Belgium

Remko Best,Head of International Sales,Afterpay

Remko Best

Head of International Sales, Afterpay

Ron van Wezel,Senior analyst,Aite Group

Ron van Wezel

Senior analyst, Aite Group

Rushil Gambhir,Management Associate,Mastercard

Rushil Gambhir

Management Associate, Mastercard

Sarel Tal,VP, EMEA,Rapyd

Sarel Tal

VP, EMEA, Rapyd

Sebastian Rojas,Head of SWIFT gpi product portfolio,SWIFT

Sebastian Rojas

Head of SWIFT gpi product portfolio, SWIFT

Simon Davies,Managing Director,EBANX

Simon Davies

Managing Director, EBANX

Spencer McLain,VP and GM of EMEA,Ekata

Spencer McLain

VP and GM of EMEA, Ekata

Steve Pannifer,COO,Consult Hyperion

Steve Pannifer

COO, Consult Hyperion

Tim Richards,Principal Consultant,Consult Hyperion

Tim Richards

Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

Victor Bergmann,Merchant Lead DACH,GooglePay

Victor Bergmann

Merchant Lead DACH, GooglePay

Vlad Branin,GM, Global Business Operations,Gett

Vlad Branin

GM, Global Business Operations, Gett

Volker Schloenvoigt,Principal,Edgar, Dunn & Company

Volker Schloenvoigt

Principal, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Wolf Kunicsh,Head of Group Strategy, Public & Regulatory Affairs,Worldline

Wolf Kunicsh

Head of Group Strategy, Public & Regulatory Affairs, Worldline

Xavier Vaslin,Head of Innovation Department,Crédit Agricole Payment Services

Xavier Vaslin

Head of Innovation Department, Crédit Agricole Payment Services

Zachary Powers,Director of Payments Strategy,FareHarbor &

Zachary Powers

Director of Payments Strategy, FareHarbor &