[WEBINAR] Fighting the rise in chargeback fraud

Rapid growth in online payments has led to both new fraud challenges and potential opportunities. Credit card holders will dispute $30 billion in charges from 300 million transactions this year, a figure that will climb to $35 billion in the next two years. A staggering 70% of those disputes will come from transactions that took place in e-commerce, mobile, or other digital channels, even though total digital transactions only account for only 15% of volume.

Join our webinar with Sift, to learn:
- How the rise in e-commerce transactions has increased chargebacks over the last year, how this impacts retailers and what future trends we can expect
- Why legacy fraud prevention solutions fail to meet the fast-changing, adversarial nature of online fraud and many dispute management solutions are homegrown or manual
- How an end-to-end machine learning solution like Sift allows merchants to easily combat the fraudulent abuse of chargeback rights in real time and automate meaningful action

Speakers & Panelists

Alan Moss


MD Europe for Western Europe

Newland Payment Technology

Jeff Sakasegawa

Trust & Safety Architec